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Synonyms for narcotize

to administer or add a drug to

Synonyms for narcotize

administer narcotics to


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Launch a religious renaissance through which, by returning to the religion of life and motion, power and justice, will on the one hand incapacitate the reactionary agents of the society and, on the other hand, save the people from those elements which are used to narcotize them.
Beyond everything, Barth was resolved not to become one of those terminal bores who narcotize people with long descriptions of their illness crammed with newly learned medical particulars the dying can get unseemly good at pronouncing.
While the Old Left rage at one another and the rest of America stupefies in suburbia, the real enemy, the real Moloch (to borrow from Ginsberg) acts with impunity in its drive to narcotize the public, to render them unable to suspect or engage with the complex and ultimately nefarious activities of those holding economic and legislative power.
I embrace literature not as a "name brand product," but as the progeny of mortal, thieves of fire who awake from their slumber not to narcotize, and stab, others, but to share some light.
The ease with which sentences can narcotize or neutralize horrors, deflecting their effects: this--specifically German-inflicted horrors and the discussion about them--is the subject of Tabor's riveting, idiosyncratic lectures.
A]lthough there is inestimable value to what an intellectual does to ensure the community's survival during periods of extreme national emergency, loyalty to the group's fight for survival cannot draw in the intellectual so far as to narcotize the critical sense, or reduce its imperatives, which are always to go beyond survival to questions of political liberation, to critiques of the leadership, to presenting alternatives that are too often marginalized or pushed aside as irrelevant to the main battle at hand.