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an area that has been taken over and is controlled and corrupted by drug cartels and where law enforcement is effectively nonexistent

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Much the same situational dynamics can be seen to be at play within the current evaluation of the cocaine trade, where people's involvement in it becomes morally attuned to the prolonged period of decline and instability that is viewed as underlying the country's emergence as a narco-state.
As Kan argues, "in a narco-state with democratic institutions, the hallmark of accountability and transparency is replaced with corruption" (95).
The narco-state is one of the most recent developments, where criminal organizations and politicians are the same," columnist Jose Gil Olmos wrote in the weekly news magazine Proceso.
How long could democracy survive in Afghanistan, officially labelled the most corrupt country on earth, a narco-state with the warlords gathering, the Taliban waiting in the wings?
The headline asks whether Bolivia will be the next Afghanistan and claims Morales is creating "a repressive narco-state.
For the next 80 minutes, El Sicario sits in that room and narrates his life story, and by way of it the anatomy of the narco-state of Chihuahua, Mexico.
The question, of course, is whether Chavez's cronies who help run his narco-state will allow a fair election once he's gone.
Obama's review does not use the narco-state label often applied to Afghanistan lately.
But relying on them has also put the USin the position of looking the other way as these informers ply their trade in a country that by many accounts has become a narco-state," the paper said.
It placed Russia at 154th out of 178 countries in its corruption rankings, level with failed narco-state Guinea-Bissau and worse than Haiti (146th) and Pakistan (143th).
Alvaro Uribe, former Colombian president, the commission's vice-chairman, a man tainted by corruption and scandal, with close links to his country's drug cartels and paramilitary death squads, responsible for murdering thousands of trade unionists, campesinos, human rights workers, journalists, and others opposing Colombia's narco-state terrorism and ties to US imperialism.
Add a collapsing global economy to a losing war with drug cartels, and Mexico is at grave risk of becoming a failed state, a narco-state with a 2,000-mile border with the United States.
In any case, the army has won, and the country's status as Africa's premier narco-state is assured.
To turn the rising Taliban tide, we must attack both heroin and hashish in the narco-state that is Afghanistan," he said making a special speech on the drugs problem of Afghanistan,