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Here are some facts about quick naps that will encourage you to indulge in an afternoon doze this Napping Day:
Founded in 2017 and located in Chicago, Peace Power Napping is an innovative service that lets exhausted city-dwelling professionals, students and travelers grab a midday power nap with the tap of an app.
Regular nappers may even enjoy better health, and earlier this year, napping was dubbed the 'secret to happiness', after researchers at Hertfordshire University found people fond of short naps (under 30-minutes) reported higher levels of happiness (66%) than people who took long naps (56%), or no naps at all (60%).
In the study, the researchers collected data from 62 children between the ages of 4 and 5 who were classified as either napping (77 percent) or non-napping (23 percent) based on actigraphy data.
Studies suggest daytime napping may prevent children sleeping properly at night and impair their mental performance.
Babies differ in their napping needs--but here's a general guide that applies to most babies:
Napping shows potential as a way to stimulate learning, at least for volunteers performing a laboratory task that requires visual discriminations.
They enrolled 12 participants with a mean age 20 years and no history of sleep complaints or daytime napping.
Subjects got 5 hours of sleep on each evening prior to laboratory sessions in which they participated in each of three napping conditions: no nap, a to-minute nap, and a 30-minute nap, presented in a counterbalanced order, said Dr.
But many Americans, running on six hours of sleep or less, have pushed aside sleep as a priority so much that they're turning to napping as a quick fix to survive.
Afternoon napping has little to do with eating a Large lunch.
About half the people in the world, mostly in warm climates, take an afternoon siesta each day, but napping is not a viable option for most Americans with conventional jobs.
Four Points Invites the Sleep Deprived to Take a Nap and Celebrate National Napping Day with Tips from the Renowned Nap Doctor
14368/full) Findings in the Journal of the American Geriatrics Society  were based on surveys of almost 3,000 older Chinese people about their napping habits and data of their cognitive function.
Howard has taken the results of the study one step further and begun implementing an official napping program at the hospital at the Veterans Affairs Palo Alto Health Care System.