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vasoconstrictor (trade names Privine and Sudafed) used in nasal sprays to treat symptoms of nasal congestion and in eyedrops to treat eye irritation

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As noted earlier, any 'red eye' with an inflammatory aetiology (including episcleritis) will likely respond in the short term to being kept adequately lubricated (to offset the effects of persistent lacrimation) and some comfort be realized with the judicious use of a topical ocular decongestant (eg, naphazoline eye drops).
The OTC product line is made up of Imidazyl, decongestant eye drops containing the active ingredient naphazoline nitrate and indicated in cases of burning and redness of the eye; Imidazyl Antihistamine, eye drops containing the active ingredient naphazoline nitrate and thonzylamine chlorohydrate indicated in allergic and inflammatory states of the eye and conjunctivitis; and Herbe eye drops containing bezalkonium chloride as its active ingredient for cases of mild irritation.
Tenders are invited for E/D Naphazoline, Boric Acid, Zinc, Chlorpheniramine
Drugs such as naphazoline (eg, Murine eye drops, or Eye Dew Sparkling eye drops) and xylometazoline (eg, Otrivine-Antisitine eye drops) were introduced in the 1950s to replace the use of adrenaline (epinephrine) 1:1000 eye drops as a vasoconstrictor (decongestant)?
The CIBA Vision formula utilizes an FDA-approved combination of two drugs, antazoline phosphate and naphazoline hydrochloride, to relieve eye itching and redness caused by pollen, animal hair and other allergens.
Adrenergic agents such as ephedrine and naphazoline, which are often used in over the counter cold and flu remedies, can similarly cause angle closure by inducing pupillary block.
Tenders are invited for Chlorpheniramine Maleate Plus Naphazoline Plus Zinc Sulphate Eye Drop 10Ml Vial
recently completed research and development for the spray, which includes the active ingredients Naphazoline Hydrochloride Chlorpheniramine Maleate and Benzalkonium Bromide.