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Synonyms for nape

the back side of the neck

References in classic literature ?
and what could he do then but kiss the exquisite nape which was shown in all its delicate curves?
Both these men were considered excellent swordsmen, but when Beauchamp heard again the little gray man's "a mort, mon fils," he shuddered, and the little hairs at the nape of his neck rose up, and his spine froze, for he knew that he had heard the sentence of death passed upon him; for no mortal had yet lived who could vanquish such a swordsman as he who now faced him.
Nor was he disappointed entirely, for as she walked away she raised one hand to the black, waving mass at the nape of her neck--the peculiarly feminine gesture that admits cognizance of appraising eyes behind her--and Tarzan saw upon a finger of this hand the ring of strange workmanship that he had seen upon the finger of the veiled woman a short time before.
You speak to the nape of my neck, and then I have to twist my head round to answer.
Then I shall see the Buytenhof again, and the gleam of that infernal sword, -- which will not stop half-way a second time, but will make acquaintance with the nape of my neck.
He got his teeth into me once, and then I got him by the nape of the neck.
So it was, helpless, suspended in the air by the nape of the neck, that he bawled and squalled and choked and coughed till the black, disgusted, flung him down roughly in the canoe's bottom.
But the big Dutchman frustrated him, seizing him by the nape of the neck and dancing him up and down.
When he overtook White Fang, he reached down and by the nape of the neck lifted him clear of the water.
A piteous yelp from the lower regions at last announced that the thief was captured, and Tom appeared bearing Snip by the nape of the neck in one hand and Polly's cherished bonnet in the other.
I had but sat down to a flask of malvoisie and a mortress of brawn, as is my use about this hour, when there comes a cherking, and I find my wine over my legs and the flask in my lap, and then as I stoop to clip it there comes another cursed cherk, and there is a mortress of brawn stuck fast to the nape of my neck.
The parting of his curly Saxon locks began in the center of his forehead, traveled over the top of his head, and ended, rigidly-central, at the ruddy nape of his neck.
When I have met an immigrant tottering under a bundle which contained his all -- looking like an enormous wen which had grown out of the nape of his neck -- I have pitied him, not because that was his all, but because he had all that to carry.
He became aware of grey hairs curling over the nape of the neck.
Why, then, should Tarzan feel the rise of the short hairs at the nape of his neck merely because Taug sat close to Teeka?