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the branch of engineering that deals with things smaller than 100 nanometers (especially with the manipulation of individual molecules)

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Nanotech Manufacturing Process Technician: These are skilled production technicians who use top-down and bottom-up nano tools to develop and implement the manufacturing process for nanotechnology products.
Nanotechnology in sensors, processing and process control -- Using nonobtrusive, nanoscale sensors for monitoring and control during wood and wood-based materials processing, to provide data on product performance and environmental conditions during end use service, and to impart multifunctional capabilities to products.
Nanotechnology is being hailed in some quarters as the force behind a new Industrial Revolution because it is expected to affect virtually all industries.
The first swells presaging the approaching nanotechnology tidal wave have already reached the shore.
Terrified of being dismissed as a Luddite, I am certainly not suggesting that all or even most nanotechnology public offerings will end in disaster (though, as The Wall Street Journal recently pointed out, the record for biotechnology startups dating back to the 1980s is not particularly good).
Wary that nanotechnology could suffer the same political setbacks that have slowed adoption of genetically modified crops, researchers and policy makers are trying to get ahead of the game.
The advocates of a nanotech moratorium are apt to find a sympathetic audience among the "nanoethicists" who are emerging as a result of the National Nanotechnology Initiative.
International industry giant L'Oreal has surfaced as an early adopter of nanotechnology in cosmetics.
Ortyl, Chairman and CEO of Standard MEMS, said, "We are pleased to be in NIST's nanotechnology ATP.
Nanotechnology is like biotechnology and genetic engineering on steroids.
u The market for textiles using Nanotechnology will cross US$ 13.
Because many of the building blocks used in paper and board manufacture are nanodimensional, we will benefit from the enormous amount of money the whole world is investing in nanotechnology," commented Dr.
In the same way that miniaturization has changed the world of electronics, nanotechnology has the potential to revolutionize the fields of medicine, pharmaceuticals, drug delivery systems, biotechnology, energy, environmental remediation, and much more.
But Al Gore, the subcommittee chairman and the man who within the next few days would be announced as Bill Clinton's running mate, was a big fan of nanotechnology.
Nanotechnology, as envisioned by conference chairman and engineer Eric Drexler, would mean getting personal with molecular individuals.