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a metric unit of length equal to one billionth of a meter

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Emerging verification technologies will include: nanometer device modeling, high-performance circuit simulation, full-spectrum device noise analysis, rapid prototyping with parasitic effects, variation-aware circuit design, circuit optimization, intensive circuit characterization, and thermal-aware circuit verification.
Other minuscule machines might use nanojets to insert genes into cells or to lay down wires only a few nanometers wide in electronic circuits.
Dunder, 60, a mechanical engineer, is a multiple patent holder and comes to Nanometer Storage having directed the successful development of technology solutions for other venture backed organizations.
So we have to quickly freeze the cells to about 20 [kelvins], to keep all of the ions in their normal positions, then cut sections about 100 nanometers thick.
Shrinking geometries and increasing design size in the nanometer era have enabled greater functionality on a single chip.
Micrologic recognizes these challenges and is developing solutions to achieve first-time right nanometer design.
Rhines, Chairman and CEO, Mentor Graphics Corporation, moderates the DAC Technologist Panel "The IC Nanometer Race -- What will it take to win?
However, ferritin is large and unpredictable in the way it binds to the molecules, making it difficult to measure structure smaller than about 20 nanometers.
In nanometer technology, physical verification has become a sophisticated, multi-stage process that demands highly integrated approaches to the processing and handling of huge amounts of complex design data.
This alliance provides a solid foundation for a new paradigm in yield-driven design methodology for sub100 nanometer designs," said Nitin Deo, senior vice president of marketing for Ponte Solutions.
The intuitive design insight offered by nWave combined with the high speed and large capacity provided by Nascim helps to drastically reduce the simulation and verification time of very large nanometer designs," said Dennis George, Director of Marketing for Nascentric.
Already users of Magma's Blast Create(TM) and Blast Plan(TM) Pro for front-end design, Enuclia decided to adopt the comprehensive implementation, sign-off and verification flow after test results showed Magma's integrated approach could reduce area, accelerate sign-off and speed design closure, enabling Enuclia to significantly reduce the development costs of its nanometer designs.