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a metric unit of length equal to one billionth of a meter

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Hosted by Berkeley Design Automation the Nanometer Circuit Verification Forum is supported by EDA companies including Accelicon Technologies, Ciranova Inc.
Dunder's outstanding track record of delivering technology solutions for emerging businesses provides Nanometer Storage with the experienced leadership required for its commercialization plans.
Scrutinizing a sliver of silicon oxide less than 50 nanometers thick, Batson has extracted key details about the molecular interface created when atoms of silicon bond to atoms of the oxide.
To ensure high yields when using nanometer process technology, designers require new information and new levels of judgment that go beyond design rule checking to yield analysis.
Nascentric delivers state-of-the-art simulation and analysis solutions addressing nanometer design issues related to timing, power and signal integrity.
By using an enhanced version of a technique called differential interference contrast microscopy, they can observe molecular-scale movements to a precision of a few nanometers.
Already users of Magma's Blast Create(TM) and Blast Plan(TM) Pro for front-end design, Enuclia decided to adopt the comprehensive implementation, sign-off and verification flow after test results showed Magma's integrated approach could reduce area, accelerate sign-off and speed design closure, enabling Enuclia to significantly reduce the development costs of its nanometer designs.
Small is beautiful" has become the motto of chemists investigating molecular arrays on the nanometer (10-9 meter) scale.
a startup providing yield improvement products, today announced that it is delivering silicon intellectual property (IP) tools, proven at sub-100 nanometer process technologies, for semiconductor manufacturers to accelerate process and design yield ramps.
The complexity of manufacturing processes at 90 nanometer (nm) and below requires a change in the way chips are implemented in order to hit market windows with lower costs and higher yields," said John Murphy, CEO of Athena Design.
The flow addresses nanometer defect yield issues with yield analysis and optimization capabilities embedded in critical implementation stages such as physical synthesis and routing.
CeltIC(R) Nanometer Delay Calculator (NDC) and VoltageStorm(R) static analysis are also available to provide signoff-quality SI- and IR-aware timing.
The Encounter platform covers all aspects of nanometer design, from prototyping and partitioning, to final timing and manufacturing closure on the most complex designs.
One micrometer is one-millionth of a meter, or 1,000 nanometers.