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one billionth (1/1,000,000,000) gram

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Teijin is accelerating its marketing of NanoGram Si paste to consolidate its early adoption.
Philip Dawdy of the Washington Cannabis Association agrees that, contrary to his own fears, there have not been "reams of patients getting busted all over the place who were over five nanograms but were completely functional.
In addition to follow-on investments from existing investors ATA Ventures, Bay Partners, Harris & Harris, Institutional Venture Partners, Nth Power, Rockport Capital Partners, SBV Venture Partners, and Technology Partners, NanoGram adds Global Cleantech Capital, Masdar Clean Tech Fund, Mitsui Ventures, Nagase & Co.
EaglePicher is excited to help NanoGram Devices bring this breakthrough technology to market," said Kevin Quinn, vice president and general manager of EaglePicher Technology's Commercial Power division.
NanoGram will use the facility to scale-up their award-winning SilFoil[TM] technology for solar modules that will deliver the product performance and reliability of wafer-based crystalline silicon modules at prices competitive with thin film modules.
The Ovation(TM) System consistently provides high quality amplified product from samples as small as five nanograms for analysis on our oligo arrays," says Chris Barker, Ph.
Ira Ehrenpreis, General Partner at Technology Partners, concurs stating, "NanoGram has already seen the successful spinouts of NeoPhotonics and NanoGram Devices, and is now pursuing additional exciting Cleantech opportunities in new large markets with their energy and advanced materials technologies.
NeoPhotonics is leveraging its proprietary nanomaterials platform to develop planar integrated optical components, while NanoGram is focused on applications for its intellectual property outside of telecommunications and photonics.
Using MUMPs[R] manufacturing and prototyping services, many participants to the Nanogram competition have manufactured their robotic structures for this very special soccer competition.
Advances in molecular biochemistry, in turn, pushed the limits of the analytic measurements of brevetoxins and their metabolites in certain substrates to nanogram levels (Poll et al.
a subsidiary of Nyer Medical Group, completed the development of its second product, the EpiDNA(TM) Nanogram Assay.
The qualification of this novel cathode manufacturing process represents the successful integration of Greatbatch's commercialization expertise and the intellectual property gained from the acquisition of NanoGram Devices Corporation in 2004.
The COD Test measures nanogram (billionth of a gram) levels of HCA, an antigen that appears on the surface of tumors.
The QS-H150 Portable Explosives Trace Detector is capable of detecting trace amounts of most commercial and military explosives, including RDX, PETN, HMX, TNT, Black Powder and Ammonium Nitrate at nanogram level concentrations in real time.
05 nanogram of cotinine was detectable per milliliter of blood.