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Synonyms for nanny


Synonyms for nanny

a woman who is the custodian of children

female goat

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William Fotheringham, 13, who goes to Nunnykirk School for Dyslexia near Morpeth, decided he didn't want to be parted from the three nanny goats which usually live on his parent's farm in Perth in Scotland.
Minera Quarry Nanny goats abandoned on Minera mountain
However, with each of their moves as the cherished protected ones or with each of our moves as the perceived predators and the source of danger, the nanny goats positioned themselves between us so as to cast a complete shadow of protection on the kids.
The nanny goats that grow from the eggs secrete dragline silk proteins in their milk.
It had a bizarre collection of attractions from an owl sanctuary to a barn filled with nanny goats.
Finally we constructed an enclosure for the nanny goats.
Nanny goats and kids tend to stay together in herds of 20 animals or more; males like to form bachelor groups or live alone.
Smith's pet project of late was making sure that the town's residents know that the new community center can legally hold up to 100 people and as many seeing-eye dogs and nanny goats as needed.
This town's new community center can legally hold up to 100 people and as many seeing-eye dogs and nanny goats as needed.
The shoots came to light when Prince Charles's favourite charity, the British Deer Society, tried to organise a fund-raising auction to spend a day gunning down nanny goats.
Nobody was bidding on the three nanny goats, either.
another emulating are next Some 65 nanny goats were given the jabs, which render them sterile for up to four years.
THE only cattle my dad kept were of the Aberdeen Angus variety, which were beef cattle, so our milk came from eight nanny goats, who had to be milked into a bucket every evening.
The farm has 50 nanny goats and is expecting 100 kids to be born this spring.
Previously, radio collars have been fitted to nanny goats to track their movements and feeding patterns and hair samples were taken for DNA analysis.