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Synonyms for nanny


Synonyms for nanny

a woman who is the custodian of children

female goat

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The term 'nanny goat' is slang that sportswriters (or possibly just Humphries) uses for the word 'quote', hence the nanny goat mambo is the act of getting quotes from whichever sports star is being interviewed at the time.
Goatee the nanny goat and her kid billy Pismo stood on surfboards to ride waves at San Onofre State Beach in Orange County.
The two-year-old nanny goat was taken from an Aberkenfig church and found suspended from the branch of a tree in Pandy Park.
Of course, they then had to think of a name for it, and a competition offering a nanny goat for the best suggestion was won by the local genius who came up with - wait for it - Newmarket.
ELVIS LIVES: Euan Durrell from Talgarth with Elvis, his Muscovy duck, at the Royal Welsh Smallholders and Garden Festival Pictures: Richard Stanton; SUMMERY: The Western Mail eco-bag which will be available at various events; LUNCH MUNCH: A nanny goat enjoys her lunch at the 2008 Smallholder Show held at the Royal Welsh Showground in Builth Wells; THRESH FAIR: Clem Davies from Walton gives a demonstration of old time threshing with help from the Radnor Valley Vintage Club
He is the sort to be a decent each-way price on the pari-mutuel - the French Nanny Goat.
They include a knife injury, a power cut, a cryptic puzzle, the appearance of a nanny goat - and a murder mystery
But here's what I'm thinking: if Nanny Goat can pick up the cell and dial 1-800-NeedALawyer to sue you on the grounds that the groats are grisly, well, more power to her.
The Bible in Cockney -- well, bits of it anyway includes traditional rhyming slang from East London's working-class community in which common words are represented by down-to-earth rhymes: "nanny" stands for nanny goat = boat; "china" is china plate = mate and "Ramsgate" is Ramsgate sands = hand or hands.
IN THE cockney Bible (Page 6, Tuesday) Bath bun should have meant son (not sun); Currant bun, sun (not son); and nanny goat, Tote (as in racing), not boat.
The 33-1 winner paid almost 60-1 on the nanny goat.
And he said he went on a train with a nanny goat and two kids between Chester and Wolverhampton last year.
So a quick pounds 40 on the Nanny Goat at around 10-1 brought the winning total to pounds 1,108 in profit, approximately pounds 1,127.
Existing Green Flags at Bankes Park at Billinge, Clinkham Wood Local Nature Reserve, Siding Lane Local Nature Reserve at Rainford, Mesnes Park, Taylor Park, The Duckeries at Parr and Downall Croft Doorstep Green at North Ashton have been retained and a further two gained - Nanny Goat Park and Gaskell Park, both in Parr.
After the sad passing of Sweetpea, the nanny goat, her partner Griff the billie goat has been trying to make friends with the sheep.