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(Norse mythology) wife of Balder

god of the Moon

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She also read passages from her new book along with head of school, Mrs Williams, and the children re-enacted a scene from the book by copying the shorthand practice that Nanna Strawberry had learned all those years ago.
Nanna ran a finger across the tabletop, her fingertip turning white.
Sometimes nanna says enough's enough, There's no more jobs that I can do, Then we'll have a picnic by the fire, And watch Joseph and Dr Who.
Post-war design across Europe was characterised by a freshness and exuberance that had disappeared during the rationing years and shortages of the war New designers, including Ernest Race and Robin Day in England and Nanna and her husband Jorgen in Denmark, set the tone of both industrial and craftsman-based design for the next 50 years and produced pieces of classic furniture and household items which have already become collectable.
In Nanna a pathetic, homeless Parisian bag lady, Claire -- or Lune, as Nanna calls her -- enters Nanna's life by coincidence or happenstance and changes everything.
Nanna has agreed to join the board bringing his considerable skills to the Company.
Love Kerry & Craig x CANNELL MARGARET Happy Mothers Day to the best Nanna in the world.
Memories for a loving mam, nanna and great grandma on her birthday.
Nanna was the President and COO of two US based national retail companies (Abercrombie & Fitch and Cloth World Inc.
Love Gemma BRIGHTY DENISE Happy mothers day mam Hope you have a nice day Love steven and dannii xx BRIGHTY DENISE Happy mothers day nanna Have a nice day Love clayton BROADBENT LUCIE Happy Mother's Day Mam.
Lots of love your everloving daughter Natasha xxxxx BLACKBURN LINDA Happy Mothers Day Nanna, Love You Loads & Loads From Your Little Terror Mason xxx BLACKBURN NIKKI To the best Mam ever.
Birthday memories of a dearly loved mam and nanna Muriel.
We love you all the world, love Leon Shannon Leyton and Lincoln xxxx BEEDLE LINDA JANE To my fab nanna happy mothers day i love you all the world love kieran xxxxxx BEEDLE LINDA JANE Happy mother's day nanna.
Treasured memories of a loving wife, mam, nanna and great nanna.
Happy Mothers Day Mam/ Nanna Love Kirsty, Jamie and Dienna - Faith xxx AUDREY GENT Happy mothers day mam love debbie xxxxxx auer PAT Happy Mother's Day mam we love you millions lots of love always (Lyndsey) natalie and Danielle xxxx AUSTIN K ALEY Happy Mothers Day to the best mammy ever.