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smaller of two tall fast-running flightless birds similar to ostriches but three-toed

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Nandu arrived at the excise office here after receiving notice from the excise department.
13]C, en el otro extremo y con los valores mas empobrecidos se encuentra el coipo, el nandu y los herbivoros terrestres de porte grande, cuyos valores isotopicos son indistinguibles.
There's safe cracker Tammy (Boman) a 40-something bachelor; Jagmohan (Sood) a hard-of-hearing ex-army guy; Rohan (Vivvan Shah) a professional hacker and Nandu (Bachchan) the odd job man.
The redefined Zone AOA, under the continued leadership of Nandu Nandkishore, will get even more attention and focus to further develop Nestle to its full potential in this complex but fast growing part of the world.
10 -- Catch Nandu and Pappu in an investigative mode this Friday, September 12 at 8:00 PM on BIG MAGIC
The attacks carried out simultaneously in Ankpon in Nandu district and Kabamu in Fadan Karshi, both of Numana district in Sanga council area of the state by suspected Fulani herdsmen lasted till the next morning, AFP reported.
Nestle's Executive Vice President Nandu Nandkishore, Zone Director for Asia, Oceania, Africa and Middle East Roger Stettler and Chairman and CEO of Nestle Egypt Suresh Narayanan attended the inaugurations.
The Sherpa greats: (left to right) Nawang Topgay, Gyalzen Mikchen, Ang Tharkay, Nandu Tenzing Norgay, Da Namgyal, Ang Temba and Nawang Goinbu.
The film's plot revolves around Nandu (Jr NTR), a college student from Hyderabad.
Este patogeno ha sido reportado en la piel de especies vertebradas de sangre caliente como perro, gato, caballo, cabra, vaca, elefante, cerdo, mono, pelicano, nandu y seres humanos, existiendo escasos reportes de esta levadura en conejos (Cabanes et al.
The Nandu Varuval A[degrees] nandu means crab A[degrees] is soft shell crab marA[degrees] inated in exotic spices and pan fried, and Nandu Masala, which is with spiced onion and a classic regional tomatoA[degrees]infused masala, are both a must try.
It will be led by Asianet Radio 657 AM programme director Ramesh Payyannur, and the artists include Andria Martin, Baiju Bhaskar, Nandu Kavalam, Nelson Peter, Niyas Kutty, Rajeev Kodampilli, Ramesh Payyannur and Saneesh Pilakkandi among others.
El indigena la unica cosa que hace es buscar el nandu, traer la carne y las plumas vender.
MITCHELL FERR ILL is card assembly qualification engineer; MATT KELLY is senior technical staff member; WAI MA is senior engineer; NANDU RANADIVE is development engineer; CHEIKHOU NDIAYE is technical program manager, and JIM BIELICK is an engineer at IBM; ferrill@us.