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a plate bearing a name

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Gurugram: Residents of a village in this district, in a state notorious for gender prejudice, have decided to nail nameplates of their daughters on their houses.
We've worked hard to develop e House Nameplate Company to the level it's currently at, and now we're applying those skills to new product lines and ventures.
Shortly, TDP MPs went and reinstalled the nameplates of their leaders which had been pulled down by the TMC leaders.
I was also pleased that the design replicates that of the original Huddersfield Town nameplates fitted to the London & North Eastern Railway 'Sandringham' class 4-6-0 built in 1936, which incorporate the team colours and a brass football.
The 4ft by 18ins nameplate is being sold by John Newton, of Beeston Reclamation Yard, Cheshire, who said: "I bought it from a marine engineer, who acquired it when the ship was refitted.
Notably though, the reinstated nameplate carries only his name and not any designation.
Cumulative sales of the Corolla nameplate vehicles, which first went on sale in 1966, reached 39.
GM Nameplate maintained a Silver composite performance rating from Oct.
The NGL fractionator, located at the company's Mont Belvieu, Texas complex, commenced operations ahead of schedule and under budget and is operating at its nameplate capacity of 75,000 barrels per day (BPD).
An original nameplate from the line's flagship steam engine Russell has been loaned to the WHHR by the Industrial Railway Society.
ALL IN A NAME: Tony Brookes with the John Peel nameplate
An Oscar statuette just isn t complete until a nameplate is attached," Academy president Tom Sherak said.
The Insignia already carries the Buick Regal nameplate in China and the US version will trimmed and tuned to the demands of the US market and the expectations of the Buick brand.
ILLUSTRATION OMITTED] (4) As shown in the top photo, drill a 3/16" hole in the nameplate to put the wood screw through.