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This is underscored by the fact the first question listed on the National Hurricane Center's Extremely Frequently Asked Questions section is, ``Can I have a tropical cyclone named for me?
A young mother who had named her (now 13-year-old) daughter Madison explained to me that she wanted her daughter to have a gender-neutral name so that she would have confidence, and, when she had a job interview, prospective employers would be surprised to see this self-assured young woman enter the room.
Indeed, it is believed that a baby who has not been named in a naming ritual does not yet exist as a person but remains in the category of "living object" (Handley 677).
Linnaeus noted similarities between plant parts and human anatomy when he named the pink-flowered butterfly pea Clitoria mariana and a stinkhorn species Phallus.
Lauren International named Kevin Gray president and COO.
Kelyn Brannon named CFO at Fort Point Partners Inc.
Wendy Nowokunski has been named senior vice president and Robert G.
My Latvian parents did not know the error they were making when they named me Janis (pronounced Yawnis), for in English it is a common female name.
Trees are named for a whole litany of fine reasons, from site (water tupelo, Nyssa aquatica) to country (Canada yew, Taxus canadensis), from shape of leaves (bigtooth aspen, Populus grandidentata) to color of bark (whitebark pine, Pinus albicualis).
In recognition of these facts, Frenkel named the human pathogen Pneumocystis jiroveci, using the procedure prescribed by the International Code of Botanical Nomenclature (ICBN) (2).
Although I would be rich today if I had a nickel for every Catholic I knew named Mary or Joe over the years, one can't deny that they are eminently more suitable as patron saints than Yuri Zhivago's lover.
In other words, for Ellison there is always that which necessarily escapes any act of naming, any attempt at mastery; an impassable epistemological and linguistic gap separates what is named and its name.
If Harry dies first, the IRA cannot be used to fund a bypass trust unless the trust--or Harry's estate--is named as beneficiary.
Barry named president and CEO of Unishipper (Utah Chapter)
A bold band of taxonomists proposes to change the way every living thing gets named