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the practice of casually mentioning important people in order to impress your listener

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Jack and Ryan, 27 - builder Jason Grimshaw - had called Antony "a cringe" after name-dropping stars such as Kylie Minogue and Emma Bunton.
There's nothing likely to bring big-noter in a gentle ego-"Better yet," I added, switching adroitly from name-dropping to big-noting, "send young Brian Daniel an email.
The usual fare prevails here--celebrity name-dropping, expensive clothing labels, underage drinking, and casual sex abound.
Are you referring to requests for celebrity favors and name-dropping, or are you referring to word games inspired by our band name like, "Hey Hey, there's Beep Beep," or "I think Beep Beep sucks sucks.
This confusion, Janken asserts, should come as no surprise given White's well-documented penchant for name-dropping and "schmoozing" as ways to inflate and define his own influence.
ONE of the Daily Post's greatest living writers, Lew Baxter, has been taken to task by a Maghull reader, for that most heinous of crimes, name-dropping.
More than just name-dropping, Burns offers privileged access to Black Hole's teenage milieu not by way of an open door but by sneaking us in through the window.
Every day there is the potential to make a new best friend - and no one does it better than name-dropping East End girl Martine McCutcheon.
To speak the awful truth, there are so many examples, and so much name-dropping, that I became confused as to what was being illustrated.
THE MOST ABSURD FORM OF name-dropping is when the name is that of a friend of the celebrity.
And he has always been a graceful writer, as we see in Name-Dropping, a short, readable volume that offers personality sketches of FDR, JFK, and other famous figures he has known.
Detective Constable Tracy Smith of Scarborough CID is now urging anybody approached by a well-spoken man working the name-dropping scam to contact their local police immediately.
I'M not one for name-dropping but I spoke to my pal Henrik Larsson twice last week and he can't wait to pull on a Celtic shirt again next month.
AS JOHN Malkovich launched into a long, erudite reflection about the art of theatre acting, name-dropping various obscure European playwrights, Jonathan Ross couldn't help butting in, "Can I just say, you are such a cut above our usual guests