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the feast day of a saint whose name one bears

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The events will be held on Sointu's Name Day, 25 October (the name Sointu can be translated as "chord").
IN HUNGARIAN Christmas tradition, St Nicholas comes on his name day of December 6, when children hang out their boots, rather than stockings, to receive their presents.
As Trinity is our congregation's Name Day, I asked our study group about the origins of our name, and how "binding to ourselves the strong name of the Trinity" shaped their understandings of our community's relationship and mission.
2 in the New Grove; perhaps Coro 4 in Haydn's catalog; the first cantata, Kantate in G, in the edition), for Prince Nikolaus's name day on 6 December 1763; Al luo arrivo felice (Hob.
PHILADELPHIA -- Day & Zimmermann, a nationally recognized provider of diversified services and outsourcing solutions for government and commercial customers, today announced it has increased its presence in the federal government staff augmentation and outsourcing market by joining its related operations under the name Day & Zimmermann Government Technical Solutions.
Now, more than 50 years of having a school holiday on the Archbishop's name day, it has become a fixture.
Krastovden is also a name day for many Bulgarians called: Krastyo, Krastina, Kristian, Kristina, Krastilena, Krastena, Krastan, Kana, Kancho, Stavri.
Contract awarded for payadores activity by name day meeting of san miguel
Boxing Day morning is St Stephen's Day, the name day of the Cathedral, and Bruckner Mass was performed in celebration.
ARCHBISHOP Chrysostomos celebrated his name day on Thursday, giving out free cake at the Archbishopric, having lunch with the President, and weighing in on issues ranging from poverty to politics.
On this day, people named Georgi, Gancho, Gergana, Ginka, and Galia celebrate their name day.
Earlier on the Cypriot minister took part in the official celebrations to mark the name day of Saint Nicholas, protector saint of the navy, at the naval base Evangelos Florakis, in Mari, located near Limassol.
MEMBERS OF the local community and parliament visited the Maronite Church of Ayios Georgios tou Sporou in Kormakitis in the north on Sunday to celebrate the name day of the church's patron saint.
In Bulgaria, May 6 is the name day of Georgi and Gancho for the males, and of Gergana, Ginka, Galiya for the females.
Our Spanish card lines offer all the traditional everyday cards, as well as those specifically designed for Hispanic celebrations, like Name Day, 'Dia Del Santo,' and a girl's 15th birthday, called 'Quinceanera.