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the feast day of a saint whose name one bears

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By the same reasoning, schools should close on the name day of other institutions, such as the president of the Republic, the president of the House, the attorney-general and his son.
The name day of Archbishop Chrysostomos is also a school holiday.
In Bulgaria the day is also the name day of persons bearing the widespread name Maria, and cognates like Mario, Mariana.
Meanwhile, a group that identify themselves as the Initiative of Teachers Against Racism launched an online petition asking the education ministry to stop celebrating the name day of the archbishop.
ElijahA or Iliya and the Name Day of Iliya, Iliyan and Iliyana.
The coordinating committee of the communities of the Apostolos Varnavas region announced on Monday they are organising a pilgrimage to the saint's church in Salamina near Famagusta on Saturday to mark his name day.
On this day, people named Georgi, Gancho, Gergana, Ginka, and Galia celebrate their name day.
The affected churches will be able to conduct one religious service a year either on Christmas, Easter or the Name Day of the church year.
HUNDREDS of pilgrims travelled to Apostolos Andreas monastery in the Karpas peninsula on Sunday to take part in the service to mark the saint's name day.
Krastovden is also a name day for many Bulgarians called: Krastyo, Krastina, Kristian, Kristina, Krastilena, Krastena, Krastan, Kana, Kancho, Stavri.
Now, more than 50 years of having a school holiday on the Archbishop's name day, it has become a fixture.
ARCHBISHOP Chrysostomos celebrated his name day on Thursday, giving out free cake at the Archbishopric, having lunch with the President, and weighing in on issues ranging from poverty to politics.
Earlier on the Cypriot minister took part in the official celebrations to mark the name day of Saint Nicholas, protector saint of the navy, at the naval base Evangelos Florakis, in Mari, located near Limassol.
In Bulgaria, May 6 is the name day of Georgi and Gancho for the males, and of Gergana, Ginka, Galiya for the females.
MEMBERS OF the local community and parliament visited the Maronite Church of Ayios Georgios tou Sporou in Kormakitis in the north on Sunday to celebrate the name day of the church's patron saint.