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This is no namby-pamby performance, but one with a clear and assertive vision of pastoral life.
Democrats were the namby-pamby, goo-goo eggheads who thought hardened criminals could become good citizens with plenty of Prozac, hugs, and herb tea.
The only thing the New Museum challenges is our already thinly worn patience with their namby-pamby response, otherwise known as "death by committee," whenever they manage to get too close to issues that count.
The real mystery is why women choose to marry such namby-pamby types in the first place.
Jones'll do well excusing that type of namby-pamby behaviour next time he's down his local in Neath.
The boys are off to the good old US of A to man-up - they want to prove they're not namby-pamby, lilylivered guys, but tough blokes capable of dealing anything that life throws at them.
I just can't believe such a namby-pamby approach to the problem is being introduced when a much more severe method is readily available to them.
The namby-pamby do-gooders have had it their way for far too long and it is clearly not working.
35pm, RTE One Think celebrities are just a bunch of namby-pamby saps who sit around all day moaning about a lack of privacy, then fall out of clubs half-cut?
Trouble is, we're slap bang in the middle of high-season for moisteyed namby-pamby big girls' blouses.
If we went all namby-pamby on drugs would it bring the trade from the putrid bowels of the underworld or would it simply create a society of addicts?
Not a soft namby-pamby kind of love that so many so-called role models are in and out all the time, but a real love that will keep going when the going is tough, and it works, like Nelson Mandela and Bishop Tutu have proved.
Is our namby-pamby council using political correctness to sit on the fence because businesses who are out to make a profit do not seem to be so PC?
The cynics always knew you wouldn't let them down by adopting any namby-pamby, civilised European habits such as sipping wine at mealtimes when you could be necking gallons of strong cider.
It was all cutesy stuff, namby-pamby images for a highly charged film.