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The naivete of Miss Smith's mannersand altogetherOh, it is most admirable
Pressman, past 50, pudgy and balding, is nobody's conventional idea of a leading man, but his character so exudes honesty, charm and earnest naivete that he's impossible not to root for.
Although the masterly drawing of the figure in Sleuth looks faux-primitive, this is not the existential loneliness of expressionism, nor the naivete of, say, Francesco Clemente, for Heng's paintings are far less elliptical in their address and, unlike Clemente's, are without disingenuousness.
Those in the church hierarchy who, either through inexcusable naivete or an outrageous sense of self-protection, turned a blind eye to the abuse in their midst must also be held accountable.
Is this naivete or a calculated ploy to have it both ways?
Garrison generates the most heat, making Shelby's naivete seem far less disruptive than her beneficence.
We had no use for either '60s naivete or '70s embitterment.
It might require a measure of reality, but naivete is not mandatory.
Her diverse stylistic and technical approaches produce qualities ranging from bland naivete (for example, her whimsical animations with toe-tapping music, as in Tweedle, 1997) to arch critique (see her almost cruel installation exploring the cult of Brigitte Bardot, 1993).
Forgive our naivete, but ducks are supposed to fly together.
Finally, Time Peace and Home and Away (both 1997), two massive slate paintings by Gary Simmons, were almost too easily elegiac for this show; the juxtaposition of their cool, dusky blue surfaces with the rough-hewn naivete of Kcho's piece in the same gallery rubbed the wrong way.
Spielberg confesses that his naivete about the project's pitfalls saved it from being a boring movie.
Their playfulness and apparent naivete aside, Hakansson's works are animated by a genuine longing - a melancholic desire - to penetrate the Earth's mysteries, a time-honored theme of Scandinavian art.
Sometimes Chambers' lyrics betray her youth, especially when she attempts relevance on the hidden track ``Ignorance'' but only achieves naivete.
She also makes me think of Joni Mitchell circa 1971: not yet completely posthippie, but with a gorgeous command that clashes with her pose of naivete.