naive realism

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(philosophy) the philosophical doctrine that physical objects continue to exist when not perceived

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This belief that the self accurately perceives reality is defined as naive realism (Keltner & Robinson, 1996; Robinson, Keltner, Ward & Ross, 1995).
On the other hand, constructive realism is concerned with reality but not at the expense of neglecting the role of interpretation of the reality as it has been the case in different forms of naive realism such as positivism.
Today, Kiddo is well known for his naive realism oil-paintings.
This summary of critical realism can be contrasted with naive realism, which separates and discards values and interests from knowledge and assumes that methodological rigour in and of itself ensures bona fide knowledge (scientism).
Spirit qua spirit has the dependency of the "I" but does not fall into this naive realism because it never steps outside of the "I.
Baselitz has asserted that he is attempting to reconcile German naive realism, rooted in raw sociohistorical experience, and American Abstract Expressionism, understood as tending toward purity (whatever its evocative power).
Several forms of philosophical realism exist, including scholastic realism, transcendental realism, scientific realism, critical realism, and naive realism.
This study based on theories like procedural justice theory, attribution theory, naive realism cognitive theory, and previous studies on mediation strategies to form hypotheses for future research.
The remainder of the book examines different aspects of Descartes's account of sense experience, in order to show that it is involved in a positive way, in Cartesian epistemology, especially in the proof of the external world and in the development of an error theory that provides Descartes with ammunition against Aristotelian naive realism.
In the beginning, his perception of the world is a naive realism in which "mountains are mountains, waters are waters.
18) Finally, although Flay identifies Sense-Certainty as a naive realism, he doesn't identify the main thesis Hegel refuted: the thesis that aconceptual "knowledge by acquaintance" is humanly possible.
However, Murphy's own attempt to stake out a middle ground between extreme relativism and naive realism is less convincing.
A number of distinct sceptical positions (with various degrees of hyperbolicity) will be introduced, and it will be urged that the disjunctive theory of perceptual experience and its partner, a brand of naive realism about perception, enjoy no special advantage against sceptical arguments.
Charles Johnson's volume of short stories The Sorcerer's Apprentice opposes the artist's imaginative world to a naive realism that reduces all objects to their sheer materialistic value.
The author makes a powerful case against that naive realism which assumes that states have powers, rather than inquiring into the manner in which they gained them.