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the basic unit of money in Nigeria

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Head of Markets, Sterling Capital, Sewa Wusu argued that as the indirect tightening takes effect, the holding capacity of banks to speculate against the naira is likely to reduce, adding that a rise in money market rates should help underpin the naira.
Chika continued, "We run our new background ad for as low as twenty thousand naira per day, and offer attractive discounts to advertisers running for longer durations.
The brothers were among 85 competitors in Fort McMurray, she said, adding that the NAIRA will be holding a Canadian Indians Rodeo final in September.
As part of the QMA Human Capital Division's attempt to be an employer of choice, the Naira programme reflects QMA's appreciation for its employees and their ongoing initiatives to reward its employees for their hard work, dedication and commitment.
To this end, the government said it would release 150 billion naira as intervention fund to some of the selected companies in the industrial sector.
608 trillion naira ($31 billion) for 2010, sending the legislation to Acting President Goodluck Jonathan to be signed into law.
KANO, March 12, 2010 (Balochistan Times): An overnight fire razed northern Nigerias largest textile market, consuming goods valued at billions of naira and some cash, traders said Friday.
The firm trades in Nigeria and said overall profitability in the African country was ahead, despite a weakening of the Nigerian naira versus the US dollar.
But the central bank was forced to inject 400 billion naira ($2.
Rosemary Obiakor, 46, won more than three million naira (around pounds 13,500) in the Nigerian Sports Lottery but handed the lot to a woman begging in the street with a baby.
But less noticed have been falls against currencies like the Bangladeshi taka (down 22% since June 2007), Tanzanian shilling (down 19%) and the Nigerian naira (down 17%).
23 million naira ($195,370) in ransom money from employers, family and friends of their victims, who were subsequently released.
In Nigeria, for example, affected farmers have yet to be compensated >50 million Nigerian Naira (>US$ 0.
Challengers Hasmig Aslanian, Louise Foote, Naira Khachatrian, Sally Nilssen and Maria Prieto Rochart were trailing in early returns.