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the basic unit of money in Nigeria

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He said: 'We are targeting to mobilize at least $25 billion or its equivalent in Naira, in private investments and about 240 projects have so far been screened for the labs.
The authorities may be calculating that they can continue to take losses on fuel imports to ensure the retail price for petrol remains unchanged at 145 naira until the Dangote refinery becomes operational in 2019.
In December, the naira depreciated significantly in the parallel market to an all-time low of N280 to the dollar, further compounding shortages of imported products.
A decline in the oil price leads to a corresponding fall in oil receipts; cuts the accumulation of external reserves; leads to capital flight; and, finally, naira decline.
00625 Source: Field Survey (2011) Table 2: Marketing Margin and Efficiency of Fish Marketers Variables Value in naira a Total cost 4,679,480 b Total revenue 5,306,570 c Marketing margin (b-a) 627,240 d Marketing efficiency (b/a) 1.
Yesterday, we saw the naira at a level we were not comfortable with.
With celebrity designers like Sussanne Roshan, Gauri Khan and Martin Waller of Andrew Martin (UK) fame on board, leading Indian real estate developer EMGEE Group is leaving no stone unturned to ensure their dream project, NAIRA, will redefine luxury for those used to an A-list lifestyle.
Armenian Prime Minister Tigran Sargsyan said on Wednesday when replying to the question of Naira Zohrabyan, Secretary of the
Pirates who kidnapped six foreign sailors from an oil servicing vessel off the Nigerian coast on Sunday are demanding 200 mln naira ($1.
The New Background Ads will help promote businesses with the entire backdrop of LAGbook's login/signup page for as low as 20,000 Naira ($125) per day.
The (Jackson brothers) are our future bull riders," said NAIRA president Sandra Merchant.
The Federal government of Nigeria has reserved a sum of 100 billion naira for providing credit facility to farmers to enhance cotton production in the country.
As a multi-cultural organisation that focuses on culture and heritage, QMA selected the name Naira which originates from the word 'lear' used in reference to an Ottoman gold coin that comes in different weights by rural and Bedouin people, and is still known by that
With its removal, petrol prices have risen from 65 naira ($0.
608 trillion naira ($31 billion) for 2010, sending the legislation to Acting President Goodluck Jonathan to be signed into law.