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something resembling the head of a nail that is used as an ornamental device

flattened boss on the end of nail opposite to the point

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To allow direct comparison with the single nail withdrawal tests, testing with the modified apparatus isolated the failure mode of the nails to direct withdrawal through the use of reinforced sheathing that prevented nailhead pull-through.
One boy slips, falls from the roof of the tank: "[his] ring hooked a nailhead and the ring and ring finger remained.
Sofas covered in distressed leather and fabrics with rich, earth-tone patterns were paired with hair-on-hide ottomans sporting nailhead trim and leather fringe.
Kirby suggests outfitting your closet with the basics--a navy, charcoal or medium gray suit; a pinstripe in gray or navy; a classic Glen plaid; and a dark brown pinstripe, nailhead.
Perhaps, but all the citations, lofty emotions, and appeals to our better natures, however, cannot prevent the origins of ethics from showing through, like a nailhead through wallpaper.
Symptoms include small, chestnut-brown spots--commonly referred to as nailhead rust--that appear on fruit, leaves, and green twigs of afflicted trees.
In order to enable a slight nailhead on both sides of the panel, the practice is to position the stripping squeegees as flat as possible and slightly offset.
All you have to do is fix the strip to the back of your picture and the angled row of spikes will secure it to the wall without leaving an ugly hole or nailhead.
After mistaking a nailhead and a huckleberry for the fly on which he's bent, this hornet finally gets the real thing in its sights:
All are made with nailhead fabric (a durable nylon) and are spruce color.
It's time the nation accepted the fact that equal opportunity in business will remain a cruel charade until every child knows how to pick out a decent suit (say a classic nailhead pattern, moderate lapels), a quality pair of shoes (indicated by soles thinner than average, not thicker, for Pete's sake), select an appropriate watch (analog, unless you're an engineer; thin, unless you're in advertising, where bigger is always better), and order a simple piatti de verdure without sounding like the Heimlich should be applied.
With embossed leather accents, nailhead trim details, and gunstock rustic oak feet, the Maverick seating group is a novel twist on the casual lifestyle inspired by the haciendas of the Rio Grande and the ranches of America's western frontier.
Its gray upholstery features luxurious nailhead trim and tufted button detail.
Linkin Sofa: This sofa from Norwalk Furniture features a contemporary track arm, two-cushion styling, and the option to add nailhead trim.
The Millennium zone features high-end furnishings, while the Tuscan zone is filled with Mediterranean pieces - lots of iron accents, amber and burgundy colors and nailhead trim.