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a cosmetic lacquer that dries quickly and that is applied to the nails to color them or make them shiny

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New - gel nail varnishes mixed with coconut water, left
If the new wave of glitter effect nail varnishes is anything to go by, expect to see a lot of bling over the next months.
As most nail varnishes are manufactured from chemicals, a good many of them do not contain animal-based products but Cara says the situation is more complicated than it may first appear.
People don't realise that some nail varnishes use fish scales to pearl them," she says.
From perfumed nail varnishes to edible lipsticks, the world's female population were provided with an average of 57 new make-up items per day during 2004.
Another new idea, said Mintel, was perfumed nail varnishes, with more pleasant smells than the usual pungent whiff of newly lacquered cuticles.
SHINING EXAMPLE: Let's hand it to the Links of London ladies for trying the latest festive nail varnishes
GIVE your nails a classy look for Halloween with L'Oreal's range of Resist & Shine nail varnishes (pounds 4.
And with lipsticks for pounds 11, eyeshadows at pounds 10 and nail varnishes priced pounds 8, it will suit even the sorriest piggy banks.
Colours range from natural shade nail varnishes (pounds 6) and warm eye shadow duos (pounds 9 each) to fun colour sparkling lip tints (pounds 7).
If you're a lacquer sceptic, let us enlighten you - some nail varnishes, it seems, really can
50, The Head Gardener (0171 235 4994/5); Trick or Treat and Goblin nail varnishes, pounds 2.
Also thought to be among cosmetics being developed for the male market are dark- coloured nail varnishes.