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a cosmetic lacquer that dries quickly and that is applied to the nails to color them or make them shiny

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She put nail varnish on her nails but after a few days, when it was coming off, it was drying so thick it was pulling the nails off and making them bleed badly.
I assumed, with the nail varnish being a small item, the box would be small enough to fit through the letter box, so I'm glad I was in when it arrived.
Huw Edwards, defending, said: "The defendant says there was an incident involving nail varnish which was spilled on her young son.
KATY PERRY'S nail varnish collection landing at Nail Nation, in Cavern Walks.
Among these agents are cavity varnishes, agents supplied by the material manufacturer itself, light activated adhesive systems, cocoa butter, Vaseline and nail varnish.
Probably the best way to describe it is more like permanent nail varnish than nail enhancements.
Go for gloss this summer and jazz up your hands with bright nail varnish.
Through Serene, the owners of the largest Salon and Beauty center in Christchurch, NZ, the company will be offering the full line of Toma[TM] Nail Varnish, Molo Africa Aromatherapy line, and the Isseo[TM] and Micha[TM] brands of anti-aging beauty products throughout the entire country.
ALMOST 67,000 people from across the world have applied for a stay at home job with a firm testing nail varnish.
CIATE | Mini Mani Manor Nail Varnish Advent Calendar, PS49 (ciatelondon.
com Nails with nutrients YOU can even buy organic nail varnish now.
2 From the first-ever nail varnish collection designed to enhance and compliment a natural tan, this gorgeous Models Own Polish For Tans in Sun Hat, PS5, from modelsownit.
A friend told me of an experiment she did by putting a tiny dab of nail varnish on the back of a mouse she then released over a mile from her cottage.
com I WAS not sure at all about orange nail varnish but I actually really liked this colour.
FIRESTARTER Alexander Wilson used nail varnish remover to feed the flames as he torched a woman's home.