nail removal

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a form of torture in which the fingernails or toenails are removed


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Invented by the father-son team of Eric and Ben Eby, the Kwick Gripper was created to make nail removal jobs simpler even in difficult situations.
Our average operative time, hospital stay, bone healing time, and nail removal time were quite similar to other data in literature.
However, if nonunion persists, nail removal and THA is recommended.
Tool Company believes it is better to engage in nail removal prior to burning the wood.
It is important to assess the main reason for nail removal and the extent to which the surgeon and the patient are willing to go to do so.
Machinery of torture, nail removal and eye gouging will be invented.
Tool Company launched the KwickGripper nail removal tool.
Less refracture after nail removal compared to after plate removal.
An acrylic and dip remover, which offers an alternative to acetone-only products for artificial nail removal.
1 instrument for damaged screw and broken nail removal set.
Tool Company offers the innovative KwickGripper nail removal tool.
Since secondary bone healing is expected there is no need of immobilizing the limb after the nail removal and the risk of re-fracture is minimal.
Tool Company and the KwickGripper nail removal tool on their websites.
JDH : Broken Screw / Nail Removal Set; Admin/General/108-I/2013-AIIMS.