nail pulling

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a form of torture in which the fingernails or toenails are removed


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By using an effective and well-designed nail pulling tool, there is less of a possibility to injure oneself through straining a muscle.
Owners of the Kwick Gripper nail pulling tool save money in another way too.
This new nail pulling tool is a great addition to the toolboxes of amateur and seasoned woodworkers alike.
Dent-free nail pulling When you need to remove and reinstall a board or piece of molding, it's easy to ding the wood while you're pulling out the finish nails.
The Kwick Gripper is more than just a nail pulling tool.
Pry bars and cat's paws are essential for quick, smooth demolition, nail pulling and many other uses.
Whether you're correcting a mistake or moving a door frame, the simplest, cheapest tool out there for nail pulling is still the best--a cat's paw ($5).