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a hole left after a nail is removed

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Table 1 Measured Dimensions and Angles of the Nails and Lag Screws Length of Screw Tip from Nail (cm) Lag (Screw Screw Nail Fully Diameter Lag Screw Offset Nail Hole Nail Inserted) (cm) Angle (a) Angle (b) Diameter (cm) Gamma3 8.
As a result of age and exposure, many nails used to secure the siding to the barracks had corroded, leaving an iron (ferrous oxide) stain in and around each nail hole.
Most amateurs fill the nail hole and the dent with wood putty, but the filler is difficult to conceal.
The DAP(R) Patch Stick(TM) is a conveniently small, resealable tube of nail hole & crack filler that comes with its own "spackling knife" cap.
Sunlight leaked through the gaps between the sheets, through rusted nail holes, forming spotlights in the darkness.
Many of the boards carry the scars of earlier lives: nail holes the artist hasn't bothered to sand back; folds, wrinkles, and warpings where paint has pooled and turns darker.
Again, check that your landlord is happy for you to hang picture hooks and fill in any nail holes before you leave.
As part of the arrangement, PAS members filled in the nail holes from previous shows, painted the walls and installed a Walker hanging system that can be removed when not in use.
Self-adhesive backing will not leave nail holes on any flat surfaces that cannot be drilled or stapled such as glasses, metal, concrete, or etc.
The story lovingly recreates the boatbuilding community, but also provides lots of technical fun for the many little engineers who love to read about construction projects and enjoy discovering what a net drum is for and why nail holes need to be puttied.
The hands from which we cannot be snatched, the hands that will wipe away our tears, the hands that offer us life have nail holes.
That point only surfaces in John 20 when Thomas wants to put his finger in the nail holes.
Fill dents, nail holes and any other damaged places with a vinyl spackling compound.
Innovative additions to the AZEK Trim product line include AZEK Finish Grade Trim, which answers the common contractor question: "how do I cover nail holes and reduce the labor required to finish or paint trim?
To me, those nail holes make it more interesting and distinct.