nail down

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succeed in obtaining a position

make final

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While she has proclaimed that all minorities in Japan should have equal rights, she has yet to nail down a concrete platform.
SPECIAL MISSION: Mark; Hughes is sending a scouting party to Milan to nail down arrangements for Wales' September clash with Italy
Massachusetts Department of Education officials have yet to nail down specific steps needed to transform the program, the first step being from bilingual education to transitional bilingual education.
Since the PPF was put in place, Ginsburg and a coalition of arts organizations that includes Dance/USA hope to work with the INS to nail down concrete processing times for normal applications.
Business is good, but we're still building and trying to nail down a formula for operating this [location] successfully.
Shippers nail down a better way to protect wood on long voyages.
We couldn't nail down how much the renovations will cost, but the exterior and interior will be redesigned.
4 of Henry IV, Part One, and the critique of prior efforts to nail down the date of Merry Wives is also rigorous.
The critical thing now is to nail down the accounting for derivatives," said Schuetze.
They are also doing different kinds of experiments, trying to nail down drug mechanisms before they even go into early human testing.
The Manchester City keeper had one or two jittery moments in his last outing against Switzerland and feels he has yet to nail down the No.
Tait said: "I will be primarily playing full-back and I want to nail down a starting position for England at full-back.
The 32-year-old midfielder signed from Real Madrid in August 2006 but has struggled to nail down a regular place in the Hoops side.
It took me four months to nail down a deal for Freddy, but we're delighted to have him," Coleman said.
JOHN TOSHACK has urged his young dragons to nail down a first-team slot for the World Cup qualifiers by stunning classy Holland today.