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For second generation Americans, such as Alixa Naff and Lara Hamza, home is the United States.
We were thrilled when the Animal Band's Jim Moore approached us about supporting the Festival," says Sallie Mayne, NaFF Executive Director.
Naff said : 'The majority of Floridians are not buying on healthcare.
Some enjoyed the debut 15-minute episode but others were not so keen, with one saying: "It's all the naff 'young' bits that you ignore in the main Archers put together in one big cliche.
Naff (1929-2005) presents an expansive biography detailing the life and work of Shimazaki Toson(1872-1943), one of the most important novelists in the Japanese literary canon.
Instead, I get a mix-up of the Smallville/Metropolis characters and timeline and a naff title track from an angsty rock band.
Y-FRONTS and shell suits are the stuff of naff nightmares - but they are not the only icons of uncool.
Why is the scrumptious Tess Daly married to the naff and a half Vernon Kay?
Okay so she looked a bit naff but even dressed as a c leprechaun Miss Universe contender Diana Donnelly looked hot.
of Brighton & Robert of Hyannis; four sisters, Kathleen Naff of West Brookfield, Joyce Pinard of Spencer, Maureen Demeo of Franklin & Deborah Haughey of Spencer and many nieces & Nephews.
But, I can't get round the idea that fake grass is, well, naff.
WILBUR the American tourist - dreamed up by marketing bosses to promote Birmingham - has been slammed as cringe-worthy, naff and wide of the mark.
Proving that naff election gimmicks are nothing new, prospective Conservative Parliamentary candidate Mr KP Thompson (later Sir Kenneth Thompson, Tory leader on Merseyside County Council in the 1970s), persuaded Mrs Par of Fazakerley Road, to walk around with this outsize purse and miniature shopping basket, showing how much you pay for so little, clearly aimed at the housewife mother, in October, 1951
City of Culture Now don't make me laugh At this present moment It's looking quite naff.