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Until now, Schultheiss and Hale (2007) have been the only researchers to examine the relationship between nAff and the spatial orienting of attention toward motive-related incentives.
The Bubbly Mermaid has also found that "rose Champagne sells really well here," concurs Naff.
What I especially like about NAFF is how each year they focus on a particular area, this year being the Philippines.
Female workers with high nAff had a higher personal accomplishment; whereas male workers with high nAff had low personal accomplishment.
Naff is one thing: Naff advertising naff is quite another.
All told, there are more than 65,000 so-called naff chic classics still up and running, according to Britannia Rescue.
Not only did he sell his soul to a TV company who managed to conjure up the most uninspiring Saturday night fodder since You Rang M'Lord, but ultimately it's done naff all for his CV.
As naff as he is, even Paul Daniels wouldn't have trouble filling a bowls club.
When her parents were murdered, Yamna Naff and her sister put on mourning black which they continued to wear for seventeen years.
An international bestseller," boasted the cover, which sported one of those naff paintings of mountains and clouds that lets you know it's about bye, peace and brotherhood.
Brash and naff the atmosphere may be, but it's a brand manager's dream, and is enormously successful and profitable.
But I can't help wondering how many of the kids grew up and told the TV crews to naff off.
Santa Cruz County native Clay Naff joined the staff at First Fidelity Bank in Nogales, where he serves as a commercial relationship manager and vice president.
Some enjoyed the debut 15-minute episode but others were not so keen, with one saying: "It's all the naff 'young' bits that you ignore in the main Archers put together in one big cliche.