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a penicillinase-resistant form of penicillin (trade name Nafcil) used (usually in the form of its sodium salt) to treat infections caused by penicillin-resistant strains of staphylococci

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On the contrary, Bauer et al (8) showed that patients with MSSA received nafcillin or cefazolin 1.
A number of drug-related adverse events occurred more often in 366 patients who received outpatient parenteral antimicrobial therapy (OPAT) with nafcillin, compared with 119 patients treated with cefazolin, including rash (13.
The manufacturer of the DxC 800 System (Beckman Coulter) lists nafcillin as an interferant; however, the interference mechanism is unknown (4).
With this approval, the Hyderabad-based company will be able to produce and sell the drug Nafcillin for injections which are needed to cure bacterial infections in the American market.
beta]-lactams Cephalosporins: cefazolin, cefotaxime, ceftazidime, ceftriaxone and cefuroxime, cefepime (1998), Newer penicillins: nafcillin (1996): anti staphylococcal Carbapenems: etrapenem (2002), imipenem and meropenem (1998), feropenem Monobactams: aztreonam.
For the next four days, the patient was treated with azithromycin, ceftriaxone, nafcillin, and steroids.
On day two, blood cultures demonstrated Streptococcus viridans, and the patient's antibiotic was changed to IV nafcillin.
CYP3A4 inducers decrease the effects of Lexapro, including certain anticonvulsants (carbamazepine, phenobarbital, phenytoin) and nafcillin (a penicillin antibiotic).
Intravenous antibiotics (including vancomycin, nafcillin, and metronidazole) were started; the first dose was administered in the operating room.
Repeat echo revealed a thickened aortic valve with a mobile mass on the right coronary cusp, and he was treated for six weeks with nafcillin and received hemodialysis.
In contrast, much experience and data are available on use of nafcillin and gentamicin, or vancomycin with or without gentamicin, Dr.
Common antibiotics used include vancomycin or nafcillin.
It is important to remember that resistance to methidillin also implies resistance to two other semisyn thetic penidillins: oxacillin and nafcillin.
This new class of agents demonstrates in vitro anti-bacterial activity against strains of Staphylococcus aureus and other Gram-positive bacteria that show resistance to other therapeutic agents such as methicillin, oxacillin, nafcillin and vancomycin.
Clinical and economic outcome evaluation on 156 patients showed that the mean time to switch from empiric vancomycin to cefazolin or nafcillin in patients with methicillin-susceptible S.