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having a play of lustrous rainbow colors

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Outer lip lacking external varix, but thickened internally and bearing up to 15 denticles; denticles ridge-like, more or less in a single row and usually alternating in strength, that nearest columella usually strongest and separated from basal columella tooth by a U-shaped notch; edge of outer lip flaring; interior highly nacreous, not spirally lirate (except at apertural thickening), but somewhat angled beneath cords of external surface.
According to Bonetto (1967), the genus Anodontites consists of a group of species in whose shell shape varies from oval to eliptical, with subsolid valves (in spite of being fragile for the great development of the prismatic nacreous layer), umbos a little prominent and with no sculptures.
The elements in prismatic layer and nacreous layer of Haliotis discus hannai Ino shells were analysed using Energy dispersive spectrometer.
When the reader encounters "Pearl" in a poem, there can be no doubt that Dickinson meant the nacreous object that is produced in an oyster shell, but Holmes's own meaning is unmistakably a memorial to the murdered reporter Daniel Pearl: "One life / would pay- / Pearl- / That / cost / burns.
3 gram) nacreous baroque pearl sits secured in the antique gold sculptured torso of a centaur, a half-man, half-horse creature of Greek mythology.
Besides making these products smooth and silky so they apply well to the skin, this nacreous pigment breaks up and scatters light.
If we rear the oyster for a longer period, the lustre of the nacreous layer might be decreased, because the surface of the nacreous layer becomes more irregular," said Dr Hiromichi Nagasawa, a scientist at the University of Tokyo.
Once they brought us a basket of shells that smelled like drying seaweed and I put the shells all around our room, big white whelks and nacreous jingle shells, thin as paper, and blue cockles striped with yellow, on the mantel and the night table.
Sometimes such surprises are of a subtle nature, such as in a recent pale yellow pot, whose nacreous surface carries a whisper of emerald-green like the bloom on a peach, caused by its serendipitous proximity to another pot in the kiln.
Nacreous ceramic vases inspired a search for a glaze that would capture the shifts of natural light.
1990) used internal growth lines from the middle of the nacreous layer (Method 3) combined with von Bertalanffy growth model predictions to determine the asymptotic maximum attainable valve lengths.
There can be but one answer to such a question; if one tone be produced perfectly, then all the others can be so produced likewise--provided there be at hand a teacher who understands, and who can impart to a pupil's understanding, the difference between the so-called "nasal" tone of the average studios, and the sublimated beauties of that tone which circulates in joyous iridescence throughout all the nacreous cavities of the head, and which goes by the name of the "great tone.
22) across the bright, nacreous sea that flows towards Heaven's gate.
Romer also produced the nacreous 'smalti lustri' allowing different effects to be obtained depending on the thickness of the layer applied.
The eel shimmers and the dogfish darts,/ A dance of crisscrosses and trespasses /Through distillate glints and nacreous silts,/ And the sun, like fronds of royal palm /Wind-torn, tossed, lashes upon the wake,/But no lamplight mars or bleaches your realm,/ A dark of sediment, spawn, slough, and lees,/Runoff, pitch-black, from the rivers of Psalms.