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Synonyms for nabob

Synonyms for nabob

a governor in India during the Mogul empire

a wealthy man (especially one who made his fortune in the Orient)

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Those qualifying as Nabobs generally included officials of the East India Company such as the Resident, military and civilian administrators, and adventurers of European origin who were in the pay of either the Mughals or other native ruling houses and took advantage of the unlimited opportunities afforded by the prevalent political anarchy in the subcontinent.
The large, plummy bells of Abutilon Nabob are a perfect contrast to its even- hardier cousin, Abutilon megapotamicum variegatum, with its variegated leaves of green, brown and yellow, tessellated like a chess board.
In all, Canada had five aircraft carriers: HMS Nabob, Ameer class escort carrier, commissioned March 9, 1943 with Avengers and Wildcats aircraft.
We positioned the company from a general food type company to a focused coffee company and we changed the name to reflect it," said John Bell, president and chief executive officer of the Nabob Coffee Company.
To my amazement, within half an hour, a nabob from caterers Craven Gilpin appeared at the TV trucks to inform me that the tobacconists had been duly chastised and all cigarettes were now pounds 5.
Officials from NABOB, which represents 175 minority-owned TV and radio stations nationwide, say the group is "cautiously optimistic" about the National Broadcasting Fund.
To get a clearer idea of where the decaffeinated coffee market is headed Tea & Coffee Trade Journal spoke to Terry Taciuk, marketing & sales manager for the Swiss Water [TM] Decaf Division on Nabob Foods, Ltd.
Description: This recall involves Gevalia, Maxwell House and Nabob brand espresso
In the sring of 1944, the carriers Nabob and Puncher put to sea manned by Canadians.
But go to this production to "sip at the honey pot of Sheridan's mind," seen in his glorious eccentrics; Mrs Candour (Celia Imrie who is splendid) Sir Benjamin Backbite (Stephen Mangan) and Sir Oliver Surface, a nabob, home from milking the Indian econo my and with a fistful of dollars.
Not only were the A- and B-block licenses won by a handful of companies that already dominate the communications industry, "but each day that these giants get closer to bringing their services to market reduces the value of the C-block," says James Winston, the lawyer for NABOB.
Swiss Water, produced only of Arabica specie varieties, is a product of Nabob Foods, Ltd.
The company will pay $100,000 to the National Association of Black Owned Broadcasters (NABOB) for a joint radio project between NABOB and the Spanish Radio Association to support minority radio.
Those who have served their country or their profession well, and are considered to have earned an honour, might as well be dubbed Lord High Nabob of Atlantis, or Bachelor of Honour of Brigadoon, for all the relevance the titles they receive have to contemporary society.