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Synonyms for nabob

Synonyms for nabob

a governor in India during the Mogul empire

a wealthy man (especially one who made his fortune in the Orient)

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Those qualifying as Nabobs generally included officials of the East India Company such as the Resident, military and civilian administrators, and adventurers of European origin who were in the pay of either the Mughals or other native ruling houses and took advantage of the unlimited opportunities afforded by the prevalent political anarchy in the subcontinent.
He locates The Nabob in the same literary Irish territory as Dracula and The Picture of Dorian Gray, although its description of interlinked generations with their unquiet ghosts may place it closer to a bowdlerised Blackwood's version of Wuthering Heights.
Samuel Foote's The Nabob (1772); John O'Keeffe's The Banditti, or Love's Labyrinth, also known as The Castle of Andalusia (1781); Isaac Bickerstaffs The Sultan; or A Peep into the Seraglio (1775); and Inchbald's own I'll Tell You What (1785) also drew characters and themes from the British empire, as did Hannah More's poem The Nabob (1773) and William Beckford's Orientalist romance Vathek (1786).
She received the Nabob Foods Limited Undergraduate Scholarship in 1980.
Most often, the gentleman merchant, an emblem of stewardship, charity, and social rectitude, was contrasted with the nouveau riche trader, nabob, or manufacturer who was increasingly associated with extravagance, philistinism, and the destabilization of the social order.
Correct behaviour could be suggested by focusing on the opposite: the gentleman contrasted with the nabob and businessman.
His books include Journal of an Expedition across Venezuela and Columbia (1909), Across South America (1911), In the Wonderland of Peru (1913), The Monroe Doctrine, An Obsolete Shibboleth (1913), Inca Land (1922), Machu Picchu, a Citadel of the Incas (1930), Elihu Yale--The American Nabob of Queen Square (1939), and Lost City of the Incas (1948).
Among his most famous speeches are On American Taxation, On Conciliation with the Colonies, and On the Nabob of Arcot's Private Debts (1785), in which Burke discusses the great prosecution of Warren Hastings and tries to make him the scapegoat for all the abuses connected with the regime of the East India Company.
James Winston, who represented NABOB on the Sikes Task Force, originated the concept of a Media Incubator.
However, despite those and other comments, she hasn't just been a nattering nabob of negativism.
They did it on Sunday afternoon and it seemed like Robert Clive's revenge on Rabindranath Tagore ( the original East India Company nabob, we shouldn't forget, was a no- hoper Scotsman who came to India because he had nothing better to do).
Being rooted in words indisputably gives his small screen work a profundity that just about every other selfappointed cultural nabob lacks, as is evidenced by his other superb radio and TV series about language and writers.
A chess nabob, by golly, pawned that chair; half is cherry, half solid brass
In the funniest sequence, he portrays an infomercial nabob whose creation apparently severely injures an audience member, shocking the studio audience - at least until he offers 20 bucks to other audience members to offer testimonials for the dangerous contraption.