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a viral disease (usually fatal) of rabbits

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A vaccination to cover both myxomatosis and rabbit haemorrhagic disease (RHD) is now available from your vet and will provide efficient and effective protection of rabbits against both diseases.
It has since been widely used as a vaccine against myxomatosis in rabbits in France and other countries in Europe.
BARTON replies: Swelling around the eyes is a possible sign of myxomatosis, usually with redness and discharge.
Since the last cat was killed in 2000, Myxomatosis failed to keep rabbit numbers in check, and their numbers bounced back and in little over six years, with rabbits substantially altering large areas of the island.
Under the National Vaccination Month campaign owners of unvaccinated or overdue pet rabbits were offered a free dose of vaccine to protect their pets against myxomatosis - the first was given in March and the second is due now.
Myxomatosis can be transmitted via fleas, flies that bite and direct contact with infected animals.
This little hamlet (population 1,171 until the latest myxomatosis victim popped her paws at the weekend) found a place on the map when Wetherby included the Tockwith Selling Hurdle on its card on Saturday.
Davey says, rabbit numbers at Lake Burrendong appear to be fluctuating between low and medium density, whereas in the more arid regions of Australia, RHD, myxomatosis and predation have pushed rabbit numbers down further.
The initial attempts to introduce myxomatosis were stopped by the Victorian Director of Public Health.
In the 1950s, the government released a disease called Myxomatosis, which killed 90 percent of the animals it infected--an ideal solution until the rabbits recovered and developed a resistance.
They will also need to be vaccinated against the killer rabbit diseases myxomatosis and viral haemorraghic disease, be provided with a few strong dog toys, such as balls and chewing rings, and they'll be happy to amuse themselves.
In poems such as "Rock Picking: Building Cairns," "The Well as Entry into the Overworld," "Shootings," "Essay on Myxomatosis," "Fog," "Winter Parrots," and numerous others, one is forced by Kinsella's poetry to confront a world which is foreign and yet deeply familiar - a cognitive tension or strain that is evident in the verse itself, with its remarkable range of diction and rhythmic energy.
In the early 1950s, government scientists resorted to releasing myxomatosis, a virus that kills rabbits rather painfully.
Well-kept rabbits are relatively disease-free, but in California (especially around coastal hills and Sierra foothills) and in coastal Oregon, domesticated rabbits can contract myxomatosis, which is nearly always fatal.
I recall being asked to film alongside Cliff Michelmore, of the popular Tonight programme, on a piece about myxomatosis.