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a body of traditional beliefs and notions accumulated about a particular subject

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According to the spokesperson, "We are excited to introduce our subscription tiers to let everyone exploit the goodness of the Mythos Machine.
M Management managing directors Fay and Alex Economides said: "We are lucky to have formed bonds with the people we worked hand in hand to build Mythos from when it was just an idea in all of our minds.
But the Cthulhu Mythos itself, Honegger points out, is itself a kind of secondary world.
It offers a literary analysis of plants' roles in the mythos, their physical descriptions, and etymological dissections of their names.
A sociedade grega moveu-se do mythos ao logos gradualmente; nao houve uma passagem abrupta (Kitto, 1954, p.
Tomando en cuenta al autor, al historiador, al filosofo, a la escuela intelectual o al estudioso de la filosofia como tal, asi sera tambien el acento y la topografia con que se dara curso a esa vieja discusion de mythos versus logos.
Pugmire masterfully bring Lovecraftian mythos to life, particularly in their rendition of Lovecraft's beautiful yet deadly Dreamworld.
One supposes that if you're going to reference the King Arthur mythos in your band name, you better deliver something epic.
The 10-day Festival Mythos Berlin offered a glimpse of the Weimar Republic's excesses, innovations, and societal vicissitudes from March 13-22 through the lens of music composed in that era -- the period just before the Third Reich was formed.
When he answers the ad, all manner of trouble emerges as he encounters a witch, an occult master, and a sinister focus on the Cthulhu Mythos that is bringing vast changes to Arkham.
Something that has helped me see a deeper connection with Christian revelation and conscious evolution came from Karen Armstrong's comparison between what she calls logos (the realm of fact) and mythos (the arena of faith).
He sets forth a core argument of the book, an ancient and more recently Romantic mythos of the ocean as an alien void untouchable by human actions.
The latest novel from the Mythos Academy series continues its believable and compelling depiction of teens in a boarding school who possess the powers of Pantheon warriors.
En el origen, mythos revelaba lo que era efectiva e historicamente verdadero, aquello que ha sido contado, pero, justo por esa razon, en su esencia, sigue siendo verdad de manera perenne, al margen del paso del tiempo.