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a body of traditional beliefs and notions accumulated about a particular subject

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2) For a further study on how Americans have been conditioned to believe in an evolutionary mythology derived from the ideas of Darwin see my article "Evolutionary Mythology in the Writings of Kurt Vonnegut Jr.
The opening chapter establishes Buccola's methodology and the key elements of fairy mythology to be discussed.
2) Director Clint Eastwood, on the set of ``Flags of Our Fathers,'' examines the mythology of war and its so-called heroes by focusing on the men pictured in a famous flag-raising photo during the World War II Battle of Iwo Jima.
It is suggested educational facilities utilize IOKASTE as an introduction to Greek mythology, as this is one book that will instill fascination and respect, leaving no room for boredom.
Israel may have wanted to create his own mythology of Spiral Jetty, framed within his own experiences.
Often it does not occur to literary critics that "folklore infuses all levels of society" (Hemenway 128); that everyone is the folk, even the critics themselves; and that intellectual snobbery toward groups with less formal education is a part of the superstitions, folk beliefs, and mythology of the upper class.
In Greek mythology Pegasus, the winged horse sprung from Medusa's blood, delivers thunder and lightning to Zeus.
The portrayal of a deity shaping the first humans out of clay appears in both ancient Egyptian creation mythology (where the god Khnum is the creator) and Sumerian myths (in one story the god Enki is the creator and in another the goddess Ninmah).
Its leaders have relied too long on mythology and superstition.
Democracy and capitalism were not inherently compatible; only as a consequence of the changes Jacksonianism provoked did there emerge a "middle-class mythology of democratic capitalism.
To the skeptical eye of Shapiro, a biochemist at New York University, those explanations that have been offered look more like mythology than like science.
Using Bible software, Palmer spent ten years researching Scripture and five years writing the "Book of Edward: Christian Mythology.
The book looks at mythology around the world primarily through the art of many periods, but also contains accessible overviews and captions.
Object Mythology to Donate 5% of Sales Proceeds through 2010 Holiday Season
Examining the ancient world of mythology to use as a commentary on the modern world, and providing insights that many readers would have never connected before, "The World Behind the World: Living at the Ends of Time" is a deftly researched and recommended piece of writing.