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a body of traditional beliefs and notions accumulated about a particular subject

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Neither can we be absolutely certain that, Socrates himself taught the immortality of the soul, which is unknown to his disciple Glaucon in the Republic; nor is there any reason to suppose that he used myths or revelations of another world as a vehicle of instruction, or that he would have banished poetry or have denounced the Greek mythology.
Perchance, when, in the course of ages, American liberty has become a fiction of the past--as it is to some extent a fiction of the present--the poets of the world will be inspired by American mythology.
His absolute truthfulness seems to hinder him from asserting positively more than this; and he makes no attempt to veil his ignorance in mythology and figures of speech.
We may trace them in language, in philosophy, in mythology, in poetry, but we cannot argue a priori about them.
There we worked, revising mythology, rounding a fable here and there, and building castles in the air for which earth offered no worthy foundation.
He led her to the window, and explained to her for some moments the story of the faded images which represented one chapter out of the mythology of his country.
He hears the echoes of a horn in a hill country, in the Notch Mountains, for example, which converts the mountains into an Aeolian harp,--and this supernatural tiralira restores to him the Dorian mythology, Apollo, Diana, and all divine hunters and huntresses.
Frivolity is a most unfit tribute to Pan, who ought to be represented in the mythology as the most continent of gods.
At boarding-school, however, he turned from headstrong play to enthusiastic reading of Spenser and other great English and Latin poets and of dictionaries of Greek and Roman mythology and life.
It is not only that his recognition of the permanently significant and beautiful embodiment of the central facts of life in the Greek stories led him to select some of them as the subjects for several of his most important poems; but his whole feeling, notably his feeling for Nature, seems almost precisely that of the Greeks, especially, perhaps, of the earlier generations among whom their mythology took shape.
Beside its primary value as the first chapter of the history of Europe, (the mythology thinly veiling authentic facts, the invention of the mechanic arts and the migration of colonies,) it gives the history of religion, with some closeness to the faith of later ages.
Yes," added the other; "and of the Roman emperors as low as Severus; besides a great deal of the heathen mythology, and all the metals, semi-metals, planets, and distinguished philosophers.
The Ecstasy of Being: Mythology and Dance" brings together seven of Campbell's previously uncollected articles on dance, along with "Mythology and Form in the Performing and Visual Arts", the treatise that he was working on when he died, published here for the first time.
In addition are the 13 completed chapters of the book he was working on when he died, Mythology and Form in the Performing and Visual Arts.
Paxson (a writer, priestess, and teacher who has been studying and teaching Germanic mythology and religion for nearly 30 years) is the first book on Odin that is both historically sourced and accessible to a general audience.