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construct a myth

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This divide from reality causes Hetty to mythologize her relationship with Arthur, as if she is the mortal Psyche and he is the god Cupid.
To do so mythologizes their human subject (Rejeski) just as surely as Craig Venter's analogies serve, in the view of these authors, to tell us a fairy story about synthetic biology.
But he also discusses attempts to mythologize the war and relate it to heroic romance, as David Jones did.
He finds in Keats a series of confrontations between a self-doubting interpreter and a traditional goddess-figure that mythologize the `very moment of the modern reception of myth' (p.
One would have to go back to FDR to find a comparable example of a president portrayed in such consistently glowing terms--and the swashbuckling triumphs depicted in these books mythologize Reagan to a degree which exceeds even that.
Don't think: Feels like an effort to sell Dean's brand and mystique to younger generations, since they haven't had any martyr to mythologize since Kurt Cobain.
From apples, Pollan derives a lesson about how we conceal or mythologize the history of plants.
But not even Homer could mythologize the success of majoritarian government in California and other states, especially with regard to the clout of the monied interests.
Americans want to mythologize those of their leaders like Washington and Lincoln who endured extraordinary struggles for as long as a decade, some historians have said.
Unlike Warhol, who had a genius for attracting and holding on to collaborators and powerful supporters, Smith, who was fully as charismatic, was a Blakean agonist in his personal relations, thriving on enmity, with the power to mythologize his antagonisms, his obsessions, and his fantasies.
Though later accounts indicate Pollock in fact may have used careful brushwork to achieve his explosive effects, Namuth's photographs helped mythologize the notion that postwar art should be aggressive, spontaneous, self-imploding, Schimmel says.
Do you understand what I mean when I say that we mythologize our parents?
Matilda is a fascinating character, full of Golden Age Hollywood affectations and eccentricities that stem from her life in exile, but we see her only through Thomas, who first mythologizes her, then strips her down to who she really is, odd upbringing and all.
Literature that analyzes or mythologizes twins is worldwide and reaches far back into history.
Early death typically mythologizes pop stars, inflating their reputation.