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the restatement of a message as a myth

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22) An example of the tension between mythologization and its gently ironic deconstruction can be found in almost every essay of Historijska citanka.
This vignette of mythologization is consolidated in the final chapter of the novel, when Elton and companions board a boat.
Such mythologization is not an unchanging static primordialism (basic to the representations of whites, a type of self-recursive understanding reflecting European notions of history and time).
Because the outcome of this mythological paradigm was so well-known in antiquity, John's mythologization of his conflict in a way guaranteed the triumph of his marginal group (Yarbro Collins 1984:148-150).
But some movies are now, Titanically, longer than ever; and John Woo, perhaps the best action-film director alive, has a fondness for extended slow-motion sequences, protracted exercises in the instant mythologization of anti-speed, that rival, in sheer unreality, the massed, from-every-angle replays of a televised professional football game.
For a discussion of the Renaissance restructuring and mythologization of Venice, see Cosgrove 36-41.
Indeed, Heller argues that as a form of anamnesis or recollection, the discontinuous folk memory of a lost "Golden Age" is prone to mythologization and co-option by regressive and irrationalist political forces, such as fascism, but also by authoritarian strands on the left.
Apollinaire's mythologization of the metropolis may still be relevant, but the shock of the city is surely more authentic when registered by the newly-arrived Francophone voices discussed in Belinda Jack's paper (pp.
A chain of biographical events - a troubled marriage, separation, and divorce; a feverish period of poetry writing; the suicide in 1963 (Plath was thirty); and the posthumous publication of Ariel two years later - lays the foundation for a grand mythologization of the poet, her life, and her work.
And yet, an examination of Livingstone's prose shows him to have had a character rather different from that advertised through the mythologization of his life.
This mythologization of literature as a "spiritual act" (Hillis Miller 2002, 20), "a kind of magic" (Fforde 2003, 50), or even a form of madness presents an intoxicating vision of the literary experience.
Moreover, this ubiquitous persistence of the sacred into the secular would (refusing the sharp dissociation secular/religious) interpreted by researchers not solely as a dynamic self-reproduction of religious patterns (somehow naturally based on some "prototypical human gestures" (28), but also as a source of meaning and coherence ("the camouflage of the sacred in the structures of daily life and in those of the professional life is an indicator of the need for meaning, mythologization and ritualization felt by man in modern society" (29)).
The standing problem related to the issue in question is its historicity--what probable time could be attributed to the beginning of this Vaisnavite shrine leaving the mythologization of the whole phenomenon, that fixes it to the beginning of the Drapara aeon, altogether?
Some of the notable trends and signature stations in this greater are of reception history deserve mention: Norbert von Hellingrath's influential mythologization of Holderlin for the German nation, the increasingly patriotic status that the songs and hymns acquired during the Third Reich, the problematic evolution of the Holderlin Society, lyric meditations on "Andenken" by Gunter Eich and Paul Celan, and finally post-1968 reassessments of the putative political upstart whose deep-seated Jacobinism was cut short by mental decrepitude and physical isolation in "the tower.