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an expert on mythology

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The Oxford linguist and mythologist extended the scope of the earth-centric Judeo-Christian cosmology with its spiritual world of angels and demons to include the outer space should the existence of extraterrestrials be eventually discovered.
Goddesses: Mysteries of the Feminine Divine collects over twenty lectures delivered between 1972 and 1986 by author, teacher, and mythologist Joseph Campbell (1904-1987), known for his scholarly works "The Power of Myth" and "The Hero with a Thousand Faces".
In the 1940s, mythologist Joseph Campbell coined the term "monomyth" to describe the structural pattern of heroic journey stories shared by different cultures.
Indeed, as contemporary mythologist David Leeming suggests, the "individualistic," "conquering" (158-159) heroes of the past must be replaced by heroes inspired by "wonder and awe in the presence of the interrelated cosmos" (158): precisely the intuitive characteristics L'Engle has presented in her Time series.
Frankel begins by comparing the classic hero's journey--first articulated by mythologist Joseph Campbell--with the heroine's journey.
Theresa Bane begins the preface of her Encyclopedia of Vampire Mythology by identifying herself as "a vampirologist-a mythologist who specializes in crosscultural vampire studies" (1), and true to that statement and the purpose of an encyclopedia as a source of general knowledge, she catalogues thoroughly the range of vampire myths across world cultures.
Marlantes brings psychology, poetry, Greek epic, and a chance encounter with renowned mythologist Joseph Campbell to bear on his own war experience and elegantly describes the profound psychic effects that war has on its participants.
I follow happily along through much of it, gaining wonderful insight and perspective from the comparative mythologist, the sober, encyclopedic anatomist of literary form, the brilliant theorist of metaphor and other species of figurative language, as well as the progressive, humane, and incisive commentator on social attitudes and predicaments.
Tolkien, mythologist and writer Joseph Campbell, and even the founders of Alcoholics Anonymous.
Behind this fie more global questions that would help locate Baxter more precisely as a twentieth-century mythologist.
Talking about the move, Tom quotes writer and mythologist Joseph Campbell, who said, "Follow your bliss.
According to Chief Mythologist Lahore Hazrat Mir, flood in Indus river Tarbela, Kala Bagh and Guddu is low level.
In the book The Power of Myth, (6) a remarkable series of conversations are captured between journalist Bill Moyers and mythologist Joseph Campbell.
What regards the eopolis, the author relies on the hypothetic reconstruction of the city on its initial ritual grounds, which were constructed by the French mythologist Mircea Eliade (Eliade 1959).
Grundtvig was a Renaissance man: poet, hymn-writer, literary antiquarian, mythologist, historian, theologian, churchman, educationalist, and politician.