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construct a myth

make into a myth

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Julia Gasper's essay focuses on a group of plays which represent `a spectrum of views produced by authors who were all attempting to mythologise the events of the Reformation for their Jacobean audience' (191-2).
You name it, we have an ability to mythologise it," says Hislop, speaking from the offices of Private Eye, the satirical magazine he has edited since 1986.
To demonise and mythologise this Muslim cleric only helps his cause and it is empty rhetoric for Home Secretary Theresa May to play to the public gallery by saying that 'the right place for a terrorist is in a prison cell' when he has not been charged with committing any criminal offence in the UK.
But countryfolk can be ignorant too and it is easy to mythologise the farmer's mystical link to the land when he is much more likely to be attached to his chemical salesman and machinery supplier.
His latest exhibition, which opens today at Art Matters in Tenby, captures the glassy shimmer of the sea at Angle, the colourful buildings around Tenby harbour and the cool shadows of Carew castle's high walls - yet for all his devotion to Pembrokeshire, he refuses to mythologise its appeal for artists.
Yet there are those who mythologise these swaggering bullies, who long to be just like them.
We mythologise such events, events that have all the elements required to become myth: a strong, seemingly unconquerable opponent; a remarkable comeback; a never-say-die attitude; a show of guts and courage to defend the line against attack.
Eventually McLaren did give what Savage described as an "extremely good interview" about his early life which, despite his tendency to mythologise, "told some kind of truth".
THE late John Lennon was no saint and it's not right for people to mythologise his virtues.
My gut instinct is to say that, especially in Welsh history, we tend to mythologise quite a lot about the past.
In a sense, it came about from watching all those brilliant American films that mythologise them-selves, like Dazed and Confused right back to American Graffiti.
While already household names, the retired members of London's criminal fraternity are set to become even more popular in the coming months, as publishers, musicians and the media in general continue to mythologise some of Britain's most notorious men.
Despite the thorough research, it serves mainly to mythologise rather than demystify.