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the restatement of a message as a myth

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On the one hand, the body is a burden, 'un fardeau : ronge par l'espece, saignant chaque mois' (1949ii, 511), (30) a source of shame because of the mythologisation of natural processes.
Focussing purely on the Australian landscape, Australia's (Emily Matilda Manning) 1877 From the Clyde to Braidwood depicts the mythologisation of the Australian landscape as echoing the British countryside, exploring a land with 'Naught on the road to see/Save sullen trees' and 'A township like/All others, with its houses, church, and school'.
Towards the 1940's, science's mythologisation, defended by the logic positivists and empirists, started to weaken and new tendencies began to surmise, tendencies that were trying to break that separation of facts and values, giving way to a new theoretical analysis.
The mythologisation of bushrangers demonstrates that plebeian people revelled in the characteristics which made bushrangers a superhuman version of themselves .
Ne serait-il pas possible alors que les analystes, eux aussi, aient ete les victimes de la mythologisation repandue chez de nombreux admirateurs occidentaux de ce qui etait autrefois l'avant-garde sovietique?
Carter's challenge in The Sadeian Woman is levelled at the mystification and mythologisation of female virtue and victimhood which, she implies, haunts certain aspects of 1970s radical feminist discourse.
Martin presents such images as the main posthumous tragedy to have befallen the poet: 'it is precisely in the elevation or mythologisation of the man at the expense of his writings that Schiller's reputation has suffered much harm' (p.
The Mythologisation of the Phenomenon, Nationalist Elements
It must also be taken into consideration, however, that many Afrikaners (Afrikaans-speaking whites) regarded themselves as a people colonized by Britain because of the mythologisation of events like the Great Trek in the 1830s and the wars waged by the Boer Republics against Britain in the nineteenth century.
This mythologisation is then an ideological operation par excellence.
De plus, et conformement aux conceptions de Frye (1984) sur les mythes(5), non seulement les ecrits sur le Vieux-Quebec et le Vieux Carre ont cree une tradition de visite de la ville de memoire, mais ils ont abouti a la mythologisation des lieux qui se sont vu vouer un culte par les consommateurs de masse des le milieu des annees 1920 en Amerique.
In the mythologisation of martial events, romanticism becomes more prevalent as time passes because the importance of a war's politics subsides and the actions of the heroic participants can take a central role in the re-telling.
A second set of questions reflects on the inherent biases and mythologisations of Portuguese identity: why has there never been a corpus of Portuguese overland travel accounts until the Marques de Sousa Viterbo drew together a set of texts that went towards his Viagens da India a Portugal por terra e vice-versa, published in Coimbra in 1898?
Soviet mythologisations and Western (and more recently post-Communist) demonisations all appear sadly one-sided and profoundly distorted in the light of this trilogy.
24) Wiseman observes that Davenant's Cruelty 'draws on the mythologisations of the English as conquerors in South America established around Drake, Raleigh and others' ('History Digested', p.