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Synonyms for mythicize

interpret as a myth or in terms of mythology


make into a myth

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By having the hasheesh-eater romanticize London in this way, "A Tale of London" calls attention to the human tendency to romanticize and mythicize an unknown Other culture, inflating real knowledge with wish-fulfilling fancy for the sake of aesthetic pleasure.
At the same time, it was the tendency to mythicize every ordinary reality in order to expand man's horizons and give him a legendary stature.
The problem here is that Faulkner's pictorial love for his countryside is always clouded by his Southern historicism and need to mythicize or lyricize what Lawrence called our "spirit of place," and so the vision itself is always drifting in and out of focus, like those somnolent Southern mules at the beginning of Light in August--mules drawing all that excess Southern baggage of cultural and aesthetic self-doubt along with Faulkner's keen literary perception.
One might be prepared to accept that Beowulf is a 'legislator hero' without feeling the need to mythicize him to this extent.
Due to the relentless human capacity to mythicize and to the creativity of the human spirit, Eliade insists, moderns continue to have myths.
Bakin's tendency to mythicize a loner's struggle in an alien world goes against anything known in Russian literature, and the struggle is motivated by strange and hyper-dimensional emotions.
In fact, the archetypal image of the wandering Blues musician, roaming from town to town with his guitar, is de facto testimony that Blues musicians, as we know and mythicize them, could not have existed prior to Emancipation because our people did not enjoy freedom of movement during slavery.
Loewen, 2007) that mythicizes early heroes in ways to fit a benevolent view of the United States.
2) Rosalie Colie's study of Renaissance genres called attention to the "shallowness of rigid doctrines of mimesis" when discussing Don Quixote as a new form that both reduces and mythicizes "kinds" (117).
The epigraph mythicizes the narrator's audience ("thee") as itself in Job's shoes, with Ishmael as the messenger of mischance, that is, the reader becomes the object of that legendary test of wisdom conducted by those ultimate, mythic agents from Job's prose introduction, namely God and Satan.
In the guise of a contemporary narrator who does "a little story-making" (Atwood 2005, 3), the shade of Queen Penelope overtly re-affirms some major events from the transmitted Penelope myth and mythicizes unrecorded ones, thereby constructing a personal variant of the same story.
The defining characteristics of this cycle of films include: (a) a period setting that mythicizes, or fantasizes, Chinese history, (b) a commitment to lavish spectacle, (c) the achievement of this spectacle in large part, by the extensive use of digital effects, (d) the use of internationally recognisable stars, especially Zhang Yiyi who has become something of a staple of the cycle, and (e) the inclusion of martial arts which stress their aesthetic value and their fantasy aspects rather than foregrounding their speed, violence and athleticism.
The message must change; it must show how the American paradigm mythicizes history and works as a form of social control, consequently creating the glass-ceiling that keeps the "other" in their places.
Annotators ought therefore to show how Dickens transmutes and mythicizes the various social particulars to arrive at his arresting generalities.
Hassan mythicizes Egypt and America, whereas Ahmed connects them and undermines essentialist representations of them.