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Synonyms for mythicize

interpret as a myth or in terms of mythology


make into a myth

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The Apostles and Nicene Creeds went a long way toward that mythicization by their omission of the life, teachings, healings, exorcisms, parables--in short, almost everything in his life that is of interest to us.
I am not a historian, but such mythicization of ethnogenesis in Bosnia increases ethnic fears among the Croat and Serb population of our country and decreases their motivation to contribute toward democratic reintegration of the country and building up a tolerant civil society.
Of course, Vina's death recalls to a contemporary audience the death and mythicization of Diana, Princess of Wales.
In developing the drama of self-consciousness as conditioned by this crisis in representational knowledge, Hartman, however, favors a vision of Wordsworthian continuity that, though specifically not dialectical, nevertheless requires a compensatory mythicization of nature in which the interruption of ethical difference--to use a mixed metaphor--appears muted.
With confusion over periods and dates, it is chronology which first pays the price of this mythicization.
She initiates her theme with an appraisal of the same Kathleen in a series of random chapters related to each other by an interest in the mythicization of Ireland as a female.
The futurist mythicization of the machine is a fantasmatic transformation of an enemy into a friendly object of identification.
The futurist mythicization of war and Marinetti's rhetoric of violence and destruction are other instances of such a defense.
A mythicization of virginity has fueled the demand for underage sex partners for centuries, but in the era of HIV/AIDS that mythicization has intensified dramatically.