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As pointed out by Alla Sokolova in her article" Evrejskie mestechki pamjati: lokalizacija shtetla" (Jewish lieux de memoire: localization of Shtetl, 29-64), for the children, the grandchildren, and now the great- grandchildren of those who left the traditional Jewish world of villages from "Russia" and emigrated to the United States, France or Israel, the shtetl is a mythical place on an imaginary map.
The people of Teesside have spoken and we want our identity back, we live in Teesside not the mythical place called Tees Valley.
You know, the half of that mythical place NewcastleGateshead.
The story is about a young boy who had a dream of the Land of the Lost Sun and he meets his Moonshadow which inspires him to leave home for a journey to find that mythical place.
It also is a mythical place for a lot of people;" Armstrong said of California.
Some scholars argue that David's Jerusalem was merely a backwater village glorified into a mythical place by those they say penned the Bible centuries later.
It was my third visit to the mythical place of Carvershire.
This "Middle England" is an almost mythical place, only spoken of, it seems, in TV and newspaper reports about voting in general elections - or during discussons about the Daily Mail's readership.
Towering trees, cascading waterfalls, flowing waterways and elaborate stone structures shape the landscape to transport guests out of their modern-day lives into a mythical place where the inhabitants - both human and animal - live in complete harmony with nature.
Choosing such works as Zora Neale Hurston's Their Eyes Were Watching God, Simone Schwartz-Bart's The Bridge of Beyond and Paule Marshall's Praisesong for the Widow, Smith shows how connection to Africa as both a real and mythical place and consideration of Africa in terms of colonialism and post-colonialism, the play of anthropology and theology, literary theory and trans-Atlantic forms of ritual and vernacular culture, particularly Vodun, which is understood as voodoo in the case of the Americas.
It is a mythical place, but we have to let it have a positive influence.
One chapter in particular makes a case that the creation of a mythical place and setting within a southern novel, much like that of William Faulkner's Yoknapatawpha, offers a "space where the real gives way to the possible" in African American culture (95).
Jiling itself is more a mythical place, not an identifiable location on a map.
My parents and grandparents were grateful to escape the nascent oppression of his regime with only the clothes on their backs to reach this mythical place, to dream their particular American Dream, and to venerate always those who fell in the hail of bullets along the way.
Mississippi is a fairly mythical place in real life, but in the movie it really stands in for "the South.