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The contract includes a Department of Homeland Security-sponsored component suitably named "Project Hydra," referencing the many-headed mythical monster that would grow new heads when one was severed.
In mythology, chimera refers to a mythical monster with a lion's body, goat's head, and serpent's tail; scientists use the term to describe an animal or embryo combining the characteristics of more than one species.
Shakespeare's Richard is a mythical monster, a "bottled spider" and "foul bunchback'd toad" whose psychotic early career is charted in the Henry VI trilogy of plays.
In an echo of that need for entertainment, Radio 4 will this week broadcast a documentary about the mythical monster of the city's southside and how its terror spread as far as the House of Commons.
Children can enjoy searching the museum for monsters on glass and make their own mythical monster.
Is he suggesting that a symbol of a fire eating, mythical monster is a symbol of passivity?
When I was a young man growing up in Wales, our dragon was a fire-breathing, red-scaled mythical monster, a snarling powerhouse, with large fangs, talons like sabres and huge fire-blackened nostrils.
The Search For The Loch Ness Monster: TV vet Steve Leonard puts a face to Scotland's world famous mythical monster
When Doug and his best pal, Skeeter, discover that the mythical monster is real, they also stumble across an elaborate cover-up by one of Bluffington's leading citizens.
BOURNVILLE School is taking a leaf out of Hollywood's book by turning its attention to mythical monster slayer Beowulf.
This time the mythical monster in a Canadian lake befriends young Mac Cambell (Daniel Magder)
21 The mythical monster Scylla and whirlpool Charybdis were a threat to sailors off the shore of which island?
The mythical monster has had a makeover and a sex change and entered this year's Big Brother house.