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Since many of my projects are "typical" subjects such as flowers, animals, still life and so on, the idea of creating mythical creatures really caused a stir in my room.
Teacher: Joe, can you tell us the name of the mythical creature that is half-human, half-beast?
When he and some other members of the village are almost killed in an assassination attempt, he discovers that his animal form has changed from a horse to a mythical creature, giving him magic powers.
The torch relay's logo shows two runners holding aloft a large red flame and organizers say it was inspired by a Chinese mythical creature, the Fire Phoenix, which is meant to symbolize good fortune and happiness.
LANGUAGE ARTS: Write a short story in which a mythical creature is a central character.
The Gruffalo, a mythical creature invented by author Julia Donaldson and illustrator Axel Scheffler and star of a bestselling book, is to return in a sequel.
Tamara Karsavina created the role of the mythical creature, wearing an exotic costume designed by Leon Bakst.
One has its head up, a 'stargazer,' with a saddle carved like the wings of a mythical creature.
In "The Mexican Staring Frog of Southern Sri Lanka," the kids hoodwink the hosts of a public access cable show with a hilariously primitive videotape that supposedly shows a mythical creature.
Sphinx: A mythical creature that was part woman, part bird and part lion.
The bunyip is a mythical creature alleged to live in various parts of Australia, according to a feature by (http://www.
An 18-strong group from Stockton Diving Club hauled a 30ft-long effigy of Scotland's famous mythical creature while snorkelling from the Jubilee Bridge, in Ingleby Barwick, to the Princess Diana Bridge, Stockton, in just over four hours.
Melbourne, July 29 ( ANI ): Hikers in the Canadian wilderness have videotaped a figure, which they claim could be the mythical creature Bigfoot.
With the year of the dragon fast approaching, the mythical creature was a favourite topic for the artists, although it was a vast ice palace which stole the show.
As collectors were known to do in those times, if something comes along to be added to their collection, such as a mythical creature, they would turn a blind eye to the fact that a mermaid for example was in fact half fish, half monkey covered in tar to preserve it and proudly present it in their cabinets.