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Synonyms for mythic

of or existing only in myths

Synonyms for mythic

based on or told of in traditional stories

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In part IV, "The Inexpressible Must Be Expressed," Bonaparte examines the many manifestations of mythic language found in nineteenth-century literature, from novels to literary fairy tales to reprintings of traditional folk tales.
Campbell also argues that Joyce's works, both individually and collectively, take the form of a journey towards a unification of mythic image and affect.
She gives a brief overview of the Metis uprisings and the area in which they transpired, speaks about the historically contested colonial space that became the Canadian West and delves into how all these issues tie into the Canadian mythic imagination.
Mythic science is an integral part of an African-centered theoretical perspective which challenges the researcher to place African values at the center of their analysis.
In Section 2 Bowles shifts to works that feature Piper's body, with separate chapters devoted to three series: Catalysis (1970-1971), Food for the Spirit (1971), and Mythic Being (1973-1975).
The Boes were at the Mythic Journeys conference through a series of serendipitous conversations and circumstances, but they weren't consciously on a spiritual path.
The Mythic trio all have lots of experience, but none of them had ever attempted to mount anything this challenging.
From Gandalf's Shadowfax to the Lone Ranger's Silver horses are integral partners on the mythic hero's journey.
Gigamedia Ltd (GIGM), a provider of online entertainment software and services and the publisher of the MMORPG video game, Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning (WAR) in Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau, and Mythic Entertainment, a studio of Electronic Arts Inc (EA) (Nasdaq:ERTS), an interactive entertainment software company, announced on Wednesday (1 April) that the closed beta for the MMORPG will begin on 15 April 2009.
But the real buzz began in 2007, when the company's new paint line called Mythic was unveiled nationwide.
life-death, nature-culture, day-night) as a major attribute of mythic thinking.
Featuring over 100 color illustrations and line drawings, The Mythic Bestiary is an illustrated guide to fantastic creatures from worldwide folklore.
Mythic Paint is the result of over six years of intensive polymer research conducted by the University of Southern Mississippi.
Horses are here defined as mythic creatures, and RIDING INTO YOUR MYTHIC LIFE comes from a therapeutic riding instructor who has developed her theories in over twenty years of working with horses and children with special needs, developing horse camps for teens and adults alike.
Matthews fell in love with what he considered Fidel's "new deal" for the Cuban people, and his gushing, uncritical accounts in the paper of record were instrumental in the creation of Castro's mythic persona and his rise to power.