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an aura of heightened value or interest or meaning surrounding a person or thing

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com/movies/2017/12/07/jennifer-lawrence-x-men-dark-phoenix/) Entertainment Weekly earlier that she doesn't want to play Mystique again for only one reason - the blue paint.
Mystique Costumes is a huge place that offers some amazing costumes for all budgets.
Five of the men and three of the women from Mystique were detained pending removal from the UK.
toll on Mystique and she imprisons Snow White in a mirror.
There's a mystique about St Andrews and it spooks a few guys.
Peggy Frey, the journalist, who decided to get to the bottom of the French feminine mystique, said that the highly appreciated and envied slim figured French women never diet but almost half of them smoke which suppresses their appetite, the Independent reported.
Pour se faire, la nuit est un temps convenable pour jouir des moments mystiques et mythiques avec la musique soufie qui ne cesse de drainer des admirateurs.
This 50th anniversary edition of Betty Friedan's classic liberal feminist treatise, The Feminine Mystique, contains dozens of critical reflections on the text itself, its influences, its reception and the circumstances surrounding it, and its legacy.
In The Feminine Mystique, Jewish-raised Betty Friedan struck out against a postwar American culture that pressured women to play the role of subservient housewives.
Nearly fifty years after The Feminine Mystique exploded onto the scene, Stephanie Coontz measures Friedan's outsized reputation against a revealing body of research gleaned from archival sources, oral interviews, and surveys she conducted with nearly 200 women.
And, of course, as the heroes go about saving the world there is a whole bunch of the misunderstood mutants - including Winter's Bone star Jennifer Lawrence as Mystique - with special powers to discover.
We've got some hand-holding to do with this launch as there is a real mystique about risotto," she said.
As women mostly considered "white" and suburban, did Jewish women experience the mystique in ways similar to non-Jewish women?
Mobile communications and information company LG Electronics MobileComm USA Inc (LG Mobile Phones) and US wireless service carrier US Cellular announced on Thursday the new LG Mystique handset.
Travel Business Review-8 April 2010-Lucky Eagle Casino Introduces Mystique at Main Street Nightclub(C)2010 ENPublishing - http://www.