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an aura of heightened value or interest or meaning surrounding a person or thing

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Pour se faire, la nuit est un temps convenable pour jouir des moments mystiques et mythiques avec la musique soufie qui ne cesse de drainer des admirateurs.
In 'X-Men: Days of Future Past,' Lawrence is reprising her role from 2011's 'X-Men: First Class,' in which she played a younger Mystique.
Just as Jewish women lived lives that moved beyond the domestic sphere, cultural images of Jewish women during the 1950s went beyond the "feminine mystique.
Lucky Eagle Casino, a US-based casino owned by the Chehalis Tribe, has introduced a new nightclub - Mystique at Main Street.
The Royal Mystique is the new flagship of Le Boat's Connoisseur brand and 16 of them will be taking to the inland waterways of France this year.
Managing director Joe Lynch said the Royal Mystique set new standards for inland waterway boats and would form the basis of a whole new range of craft the company was planning.
Three-year-old Mystique was in her aviary at the home of owner Steve Lucock when she was taken during Saturday night.
The Adoption Mystique is not a general book about adoption, but rather a focused, politically-minded call for the civil rights of adoptees, specifically the right to access their own birth records and learn about their birth family's genetic heritage.
That's just part and parcel of the vampire mystique.
Friedan--whose 1964 classic The Feminine Mystique Hirshman invokes as a model of pro-work feminism--was understandably appalled by this diktat.
BETTY FRIEDAN, 85, whose manifesto The Feminine Mystique laid the groundwork for the modern feminist movement, of congestive heart failure at her Washington, D.
There's a mystique about Mission Viejo,'' Canyon senior Kris Rincon said.
The origin of Mardi Gras, like so many other things religious, is shrouded in mystery and mystique.
By blending the dance company with Moroccan musicians, acrobats, storytellers, and snake charmers, Sofian reveals the rich, diverse Saharan culture--from everyday interactions to the nighttime carnival mystique.
The company says the Angelique, Euphorique, Diabolique and Mystique ales are targeted for nation-wide distribution.