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Synonyms for mystified

totally perplexed and mixed up

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And once more, that same evening, Aglaya mystified them all.
Hooja must have been as much mystified as we were as to the identity of the strange fleet; but when he saw me waving to them he evidently guessed that they were friendly to us, so he urged his men to redouble their efforts to reach us before the felucca cut him off.
Now this particular lion had never before come in contact with Tarzan of the Apes and he was much mystified.
The white girl in their midst was no less mystified than they; but far less moved, since sudden death was the most merciful fate to which she might now look forward.
We walked along, the girl talking a great deal and seeming mystified that I could not understand her.
When he finally walked away from them toward the side of the village opposite the gate, they were still further mystified as to his intentions.
Miss Slowboy, conscious of some mysterious reference to The Old Gentleman, and connecting in her mystified imagination certain associations of a religious nature with the phrase, was so disturbed, that hastily rising from the low chair by the fire to seek protection near the skirts of her mistress, and coming into contact as she crossed the doorway with an ancient Stranger, she instinctively made a charge or butt at him with the only offensive instrument within her reach.
Never had she seen him so angry, and it was all mystified and unreasonable to her comprehension.
Mental telepathy, the affinity of souls pitched in the same whatever-you-call-it harmony," the steward mystified.
Carrie ran away with an Italian music-teacher, and it got into the papers, and made a great stir," explained the first speaker to Polly, who looked mystified.
Although Mrs Nickleby had been made acquainted by her son and daughter with every circumstance of Madeline Bray's history which was known to them; although the responsible situation in which Nicholas stood had been carefully explained to her, and she had been prepared, even for the possible contingency of having to receive the young lady in her own house, improbable as such a result had appeared only a few minutes before it came about, still, Mrs Nickleby, from the moment when this confidence was first reposed in her, late on the previous evening, had remained in an unsatisfactory and profoundly mystified state, from which no explanations or arguments could relieve her, and which every fresh soliloquy and reflection only aggravated more and more.
Buto, angered and mystified by the strange disappearance of his prey, wheeled and charged frantically in another direction, which chanced to be not the direction of Tarzan's flight, and so the ape-man came in safety to the trees and continued on his swift way through the forest.
Some days later, I learned from Frederic Larsan--who, like ourselves, was surprised and mystified by his appearance and reception at the chateau--that Mr.
She put him down as a colonial - perhaps an American - but his rank in life mystified her.
Rance resumed his seat, without however losing his mystified expression.