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totally perplexed and mixed up

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I am both thrilled and slightly mystified, but very grateful," Contactmusic quoted Sheen as saying.
I am just mystified, both as a former priest of the American Church and as a former reporter for the Washington Post, that no church or secular publication has done any substantive research on this so-called province.
Stonehenge has mystified visitors for thousands of years.
SUTTON Coldfield Library is aiming to captivate visitors with its Music for the Mystified project.
Something mystified me in your story "Buried Treasures: Constructing--and deconstructing--cave formations" (SN: 4/29/06, p.
We are surprised and totally mystified with the decision to award Leeds all the points,' he said.
The term 'appellation' left 70% mystified, one fifth of interviewees thought it meant a combination of apples and grapes were used in the wine.
Mexican President Vicente Fox appears to be mystified by the outcry over a Mexican postage stamp series featuring a sterotypically racist black comic book character called Memin Pinguin.
He propels his dancers through an edgy unison; then 20 minutes later, he delivers the coda of the 65-minute work with a solo derived from hip hop that leaves his audience as thrilled and mystified as when the house lights first went down.
Mr Miah, a father-of-four, said: "Someone has gone to a lot of trouble to do this and myself and my family are mystified, and shocked and disgusted, that it's happened.
He checked into a hospital, where his problem mystified the doctors.
So, I get mystified by the spontaneous incantations.
Young Chiaki is haunted by her father's sudden death and mystified by her mother's refusal to grieve.
With his series of computer manipulations of Viennese Biedermeier portrait engravings, too, Schinwald invites us to step beyond the usual bounds, to take a second look, to come to recognize what had mystified us but at the same time seemed strangely familiar.
Many global market participants have been a bit mystified over the Bush Administration's approach to the dollar.