mystery story

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a story about a crime (usually murder) presented as a novel or play or movie

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She won the Arthur Ellis Award for Best Mystery Story, and several awards for her dark fantasy writing and editing, including the Paris Book Festival's Best Anthology of the Year for Danse Macabre.
23, writers of all ages are encouraged to submit an original mystery story.
I hadn't really reflected on the mechanics of creating a mystery story, but I soon realised a mystery won't work without a significant amount of plotting and planning.
Adventure and mystery story, The Shadow provides this necessary support.
By using "weight of evidence" more, and mere rhetoric less, the authors mean that like in a mystery story, people should more often do enough research until a single hypothesis seems most likely true.
Last Window is a really exciting murder mystery story.
Few people are more qualified to write this medical mystery story.
This is an incredible mystery story, with twists and turns, cameos and protagonists, to keep readers engrossed.
Ghosts of Sackett Lake" is entertaining and provides some nice twists on the mystery story.
This is a good choice for librarians serving Mexican American teenagers because it is a YA mystery story featuring young people perhaps like themselves.
Everyone loves a mystery story, probably for two reasons: The first is that the mystery story is the only literary genre that is written for the reader to follow and match their intellectual acumen with the protagonist.
This is a new take on the usual mystery story, full of fantasy and drama.
Take a spooky old house with secrets, situate it in a small town, add a touch of magic and a mysterious old painting that seemingly changes before your eyes, and what you get is a terrifically suspenseful mystery story that will particularly appeal to fans of John Bellairs.
And since it's coupled with a mystery story that's humdrum from the start, boredom multiplies.
Bound" is a Cinderella fairy tale with a mystery story line that weaves in ancient Chinese history.