mystery play

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a medieval play representing episodes from the life of Christ

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The Chester Mystery Play Quilt, which depicts scenes from the city's world-renowned 14th-century dramas, vanished as hundreds of visitors toured the historic building.
The play is the only one of Newcastle's cycle of mystery plays to have survived.
As a dramatist who "could recycle the stage properties, costumes, and sound effects of the mystery play pageant wagons and refashion them to suit his purposes" (161), Shakespeare employs the knocking in the context of Jacobean politics in order to "provoke and unprovoke the king's fantasy of godly rule" (158).
lIf the adults need a treat after all that kids' stuff, crime writers Douglas Skelton, Caro Ramsay, Theresa Talbot and Michael J, Malone will present Carry on Sleuthing, a radio-style comic mystery play at Waterstones, Argyle Street, on Friday at 7pm.
4) It is a bit trickier to analyze Marlowe's work in terms of any specific surviving mystery play; thus, I frame my argument by considering a type (that is, episode) of mystery play that he was undoubtedly familiar with--Christ's entry into Jerusalem.
The 2013 Mystery Play will be a single three-hour experience, performed in the nave of Chester Cathedral.
The Mystery Play in Madame Bovary: Moeurs de province.
MOVIE star Patrick Stewart will be featuring as the voice of God in a mystery play this summer.
Todd, 44, who played Mark Fowler in the soap, said he felt unwell while starring in mystery play The Business of Murder.
One new entry is founded on the idea that it's a mystery why the mystery play has all but disappeared from Broadway and the West End.
What: Viewers are presented with a forensic examiner's evidence for a crime and then watch the mystery play out.
AN Edwardian mystery play full of "love, intrigue and tragedy" is being staged for Valentine's Day at the historic Locksmith's House in Willenhall.
Sometimes painted black and sometimes tarred, these wooden vessels all had subliminal power, seeming like props from a mystery play while making uncanny allusions to the sacred and the profane.
A morality play differs from a mystery play in that rather than depicting events from the Bible it portrays virtues and vices in competition for the soul.
As such, it became the Italian equivalent of the mystery play, called sacra rappresentazione ( " sacred representation " ).