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novel in which the reader is challenged to solve a puzzle before the detective explains it at the end

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Debra Goldstein's Should Have Played Poker is an intriguing mystery novel that doesn't take itself too seriously.
Law firm Russells admitted on Thursday that one of its partners, unintentionally leaked that the 'Harry Potter' writer had authored the mystery novel, Fox News reported.
com)-- "I've combined my enjoyment of Geocaching with my Shannon Delaney paranormal mystery novels," reports author Elizabeth Eagan-Cox.
As adults, our fascination with secrecy is reflected in our love of the mystery novel, the spy film, and the endless unknowns of history, science, and existence.
I recently sold this image to a publisher to use on the cover of a forthcoming mystery novel set in Laos.
But vacationing beach-lovers like me prefer relaxing in the sun with a good mystery novel to just about anything else on Earth.
In this book, which reads like a mystery novel as well as a biography, Aczel describes Descartes' upbringing and early encounters with scholars who influenced his thinking.
Walter Mosley's Little Scarlet (Little, Brown and Company, July 2004) was already in paperback when Los Angeles chose the mystery novel as the one book for all Angelenos to read over three months starting in February 2005.
Unveiling Titan is like reading a mystery novel," said Charles Elachi, director of NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory.
A passage in my latest mystery novel, Moth, and Flame, which revolves around WeHo's colorful history, sums up why I still live here.
Batley: a workshop that will help aspiring writers to put together a Victorian mystery novel in a day is being held at Bagshaw Museum.
Following the publication of Mumbo Jumbo in 1972, Ishmael Reed proclaimed it "the best mystery novel of the year" (Shrovetide 132).
According to Tom King, author of six award-winning books of fiction, and creator/host of CBC Radio's Dead Dog Cafe, GoodWeather just penned the new mystery novel, DreadfulWater Shows Tip.
I hope this column won't take on the appearance of a condemnation of the mystery novel as a genre.
Mahoney wrote An Accidental Grace in 1977, her first book of fiction published under her own name (she previously wrote a mystery novel, Seven Sons, "just for fun" published under the nom de plume, Angela Simon).